Something Scary Brings A Short Fresh Idea Combining Horror and Gaming

Something Scary Film Details Something Strange Andrew J.D. Robinson

Director: Andrew J.D. Robinson

Writer: Andrew J.D. Robinson

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 3:49min


GamerGurl REACTS to a beta for upcoming indie horror game “Something Scary”. Something Strange Andrew J.D. Robinson

1. Overview:

Andrew J.D. Robinson is now a familiar name on DecayMag. I’ve reviewed two of his works before; Placebo and A Walk Home Alone and I’ve interviewed him after a while to talk about his filmography. I’ve grown as a fan of his work and I’m happy to say I enjoyed his latest short as well called Something Scary. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air and a great idea for a short film that ironically I’ve watched on YouTube since it’s like you’re watching a Let’s Play video game walkthrough, but in this case, the walkthrough comes a little closer to reality with a horror twist.

2. Impressions: Something Strange Andrew J.D. Robinson

GamerGurl, played by Robinson’s muse Aileigh Karson is a gamer (obviously) that plays video games and posts her videos on YouTube as a walkthrough guide to help others. Her performance stands out in every moment and that’s positive since we’re watching her from beginning to end.

The short film starts with her talking about how she is scared playing horror video games but since her fans want a challenging new horror game for her to play she does another walkthrough to a new video game not released to the public yet – only in a beta version – called Something Scary. The video game idea is to capture symbols throughout a forest on a first-person vision that helps the gamer to understand what the hell is going on. The thing is when GamerGurl finds the body of Alison hung up on a tree, her cell rings in real life as the game asks her to call Alison’s cell… Something goes wrong and then you have the climax finale.

The short film has a run time of three (3) minutes and you get attached to the character of GamerGurl and interested in how the story will unfold from moment one to the end.
From the three shorts I’ve watched from Robinson, Placebo is still my favorite on levels of cinematography and editing elements. Everything is much more calculated and smooth. In Something Scary, since the idea is to be an online recording of GamerGurl herself it’s normal that the quality of the video isn’t that amazing or clean but the short has a problem in balancing the quality of the picture with the effects on screen in the game.

The effects stand out as amateurish and at moments you are instantly turned off by it and you ask yourself how GamerGurl is interested in playing the video game since it doesn’t scare that much… That would be the lowest point of the short for me, I would’ve pushed the scares to the limit because the idea of it is new and interesting to develop. It doesn’t mean the film isn’t unnerving because the climax may leave you with chills. Something Strange Andrew J.D. Robinson

3. In Conclusion:

Something Scary, the newest addition to Robinson’s filmography is a fresh item on the horror genre but it fails to scare the viewer with the game, but it still exceeds on unnerving us. It’s a superb experience to watch and it would have been a great idea to develop as a feature.

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