Sound Of Fear Heightens Senses -Short Film Review


Sound of Fear, Reverberates With Tension

Sound of Fear Film Details

Director: Colin Campbell

Writer: Colin Campbell

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Sub-Horror Genre: TBA

Running Time: 7 Minutes, 49 seconds


A young Deaf woman, IVY, inadvertently witnesses a group of meth addicts kill a sheriff in a remote resort town. On the run, Ivy races through the empty streets looking for help. She finds a vacationing family and tries to get them to call the police, but they can’t understand her. The addicts burst in and kill the mom and dad. Ivy and the thirteen year-old daughter, Molly, flee. Overview Colin Campbell, Red Deer Pictures. The Sound of Fear


The Sound of Fear is an eight-minute sequence to an upcoming full-length feature. Academy Award Nominated filmmaker, Colin Campbell spearheads the production. Campbell will write and directed The Sound of Fear. The film is a Red Deer Pictures production.

On the production team are;

Andrew Aiello serving as cinematographer.

Music by Robert Gates

Nickolas Dunlevy will serve as producer.

Sandra Mae Frank portrays the lead; Ivy, a young deaf woman, witnesses the murder of a cop at the hands of drug addict thugs. Molly (portrayed by Chiara Aurelia) becomes the next target, as she hysterically flees the clutches of the killers, who haunt her every move.

Rounding the cast feature in the short are; Chiara AureliaKimberly Atkinson, Derek Chariton, Joshua Dov, Joe Fria, and Rebecca Larsen. Colin Campbell, Red Deer Pictures. The Sound of Fear


The Sound of Fear has an intriguing pitch as a concept to a feature film. Films of this nature have been circulating pretty heavy as of late.

The pitch: A young, hearing-impaired woman becomes victim to a gang of ruthless killers. They hunt her down like prey. The victim, although frantic, is resourceful and skillful. She fights to escape their clutches. She knows how to think fast on her feet and does what is needed to survive.

The acting in The Sound of Fear is very good. Sandra Mae Frank delivers an outstanding performance. Frank puts the viewer in her shoes as the victim. Kimberly Atkinson (Rachel), Derek Chariton (Lenny), and Joshua Dov (Trent) put on amazing performances as a gang of ruthless killers. Colin Campbell, Red Deer Pictures. The Sound of Fear

In Conclusion

The Sound of Fear doesn’t have an official release date. The production team is seeking investors to finance for the feature film. A budget between six hundred fifty thousand dollars ($650,000) to eight hundred fifty thousand dollars ($850,000) is the film budget. 

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