Spectres, Explores Ther Horrors of Drug Use

Spectres Short Film Details DecayMag.com. Oscar Lomeli, Phobophobia Productions. Spectres

Director: Oscar Lomeli

Writer: Oscar Lomeli

Release Date: October 9, 2017

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Rated R

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 3 Minutes


Spectres released on October 9, 2017. Produced by Phobophobia Productions.

The Cast

Gillian Carlson – Richard

Beth Traut – Spectre Woman

Brandon Kirk – Spectre Man

Following an argument with his dad, Richard injects himself with drugs to ease his mind. This makes him unconscious and brings upon a vivid nightmare, where he’s taunted by Spectre-Woman and Spectre Man.



Spectres have a simplistic, but an intense concept that follows Richard. A few things observed. He is going through hardship in his life. I would speculate personal struggles with family, with his dad. This may or may not explain his bruised eye. He is a junkie. This assumption is taken when the viewer observes him inject himself with a needle containing a liquid substance.

This injection causes Richard to fall asleep and wake up in an intense nightmare where he is preyed upon by two creepy characters; Spectre-Woman and Spectre Man. Upon first observation, I assumed the characters were zombies. After brief research, I’ve read that:

A spectre is a ghost or spirit. It can also be a thought that haunts you.

-Vocabulary.comDecayMag.com. Oscar Lomeli, Phobophobia Productions. Spectres

We can see both instances in Oscar Lomeli’s Spectres. Richard haunted by this thought of being taken by spectres. This scene where he attempts to snap himself out of the dream, but he realizes he can’t because his body is in an unconscious state. It has become affected by the drugs that will take a while for the effects to wear off and he becomes sober and regains consciousness.

This film gains night vision lighting effects with a red tint when Richard enters the dream. This enhances the film. The background score is an upbeat and fast-paced instrumental composition that also enhances the viewing experience. The closing score is more subtle but dramatic. Music selections are by Jeremy P. Nance.


Beth Traut and Brandon Kirk put on great performances as Spectre-Woman and Spectre Man. Although, the costumes and makeup are not convincing enough to be effective for the ghosts or spirits they portray. There is a lot of work needed in the practical effects department to make the spirits more terrifying. Likewise, this tones down the scare factor in this film.DecayMag.com. Oscar Lomeli, Phobophobia Productions. Spectres

In Conclusion

Spectres have an intense concept with great cinematography and a dark and dramatic score that enhances the production. Practical effects fall flat, having a domino effect on the intended scare factor.

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