Stall, The. Gripping Story On Rethinking Life Choices

Stall, The film details Jennifer M. Kay The Stall

Director Jennifer M. Kay 

Writer Jennifer M. Kay

Release dates:

March 27th, 2018

Release format: DVD

MPAA rating: Not rated

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Running time: 83 mins

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Can the loss of a loved one be too painful to survive? Surrounded by a series of murders and overcome with despair a young woman struggles to live her life and escape the memories of her past.


Can you stall the inevitable? Jezebel has been living a normal life with Rachel; her best friend, roommate, and cousin. A horrible tragedy strikes and changes her life forever. Surrounded by a string of murders, Jezebel struggles with the death of her cousin and the haunting memories in her daily life. This feature film shows Jezebel working through therapy sessions trying to learn how to deal with her depression. In her grief, Jezebel makes unwise decisions that may lead her to the same fate as Rachel. Can she stall her own demise? Jennifer M. Kay The Stall


‘I don’t fear death, I fear living!’ a quote uttered by the strong woman herself, director/actor of 2016’s drama, thriller, The Stall, Jennifer M. Kay.

When I read the title of this film, admittedly I was unsure of what I was in for. Usually, I get a clue just by the look of the film’s poster but The Stall gave off mixed messages to which intrigued me. It somehow seemed crossed between a horror and a thriller except it was neither.

The Stall began at a very slow pace, a trait that I am never too fond of. In this case, however, I can understand the need to establish plot and introduce characters that were going to be imperative the story and Kay did a great job at building backstory. Jennifer M. Kay The Stall

The first few scenes that open the film were shot beautifully, one scene in particular stuck out to me the scene of a tranquil snow blanketed cemetery. The cinematography throughout The Stall was very pleasing on the eye even when there were slight camera glitches that were noticeable they were not enough to distract me from the film.

The cast was a great lineup. In particular, a few performances stuck out to me the most, one being Melissa O’Donnell who plays the burly barwoman. O’donnell’s performance was by far the most believable with Jennifer M. Kay who plays Jezebelle a close second.

Tom Schmitt who plays the slightly likable Rick made the men of the movie proud with his shy charm and secretive persona.

It was the plot itself though what I found myself relating to the most. Strongly influenced by mental health The Stall delivers an unnerving yet important message on how a traumatic experience can affect a person’s mental state. I found this plot to be original yet I will argue that it has been done many times before, most notoriously Hitchcock’s Psycho’ however Kay’s take on the mental illness displays her efficacy as a director. Jennifer M. Kay The Stall

There were flaws within the film, mainly the plot being weak at points. The performances are what made my viewing experience enjoyable and the music score appropriate. The Stall is very much a film about female empowerment. It was nice to watch a ‘true’ female protagonist who was just as twisted as the average killer.

In conclusion, Jennifer M Kay’s film deserves a chance to be viewed. It’s not a masterpiece by far but it definitely has potential to make us rethink our life choices!



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