Strip Club Massacre, Spins Revenge Concept

Strip Club Massacre: Film Details Bob Clark, Bruce Kilroy Strip Club Massacre

Director: Bob Clark

Writers: Bob Clark, Bruce Kilroy

Release Date: May 2, 2017

Release Format:

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Running Time: 1 Hour, 40 Minutes


A young woman starting a new life is forced to take extreme measures against those around her after things go violently awry.


Strip Club Massacre is a Midnight Releasing and Brain Damage Films production

The cast stars

Alicia Watson

Erin Brown

Courtney Riggs

Mark Law

Stefan Rollins

Layla Heather Pendley

Megan (portrayed by Alicia Watson) gets away from her complicated life and start fresh. She moves to Georgia with her good friend Amanda (portrayed by Courtney Riggs). This comes after Megan loses her job and discovers her boyfriend having an affair.

Megan discovers Bobby (portrayed by Stefan Rollins), Amanda’s boyfriend owns a strip club. He offers Megan a job as a waitress. Desperate for money, Megan accepts the job.

Megan soon learns that the other women and customers in the club are not very nice and do not play fair. Bobby, along with his partner, John (portrayed by Mark Law) have sinister intentions. After becoming a victim of their foul play, Megan returns for vengeance. Bob Clark, Bruce Kilroy Strip Club Massacre
Strip Party Massacre Trailer Still


The cinematography in Strip Club Massacre is good. The camera angles are great and the lighting is perfect.

The plot of the film is something not done very often in the Horror circuit. Strippers in Horror cinema? It’s frequent, but, aside from a few gems, the strippers are usually the protagonist. Take the film Peelers for example.

In Strip Club Massacre, the story direction takes a slight turn. The strippers are the antagonists. This makes the film original. This concept alone brings something new to the theme. The last time I’ve seen this concept was in From Dusk Til Dawn. In Bob Clark’s film, the strippers aren’t werewolves or any other creature. They’re very much ordinary people, but they’re mean, corrupt, and ruthless.

As you will notice in From Dusk Til Dawn, the strippers aren’t human. They’re some other creature. Such as in Zombie Strippers, released in 2008. Besides, there are two show-stopping forces at hand in Strip Club Massacre. It’s the female domination and victims becoming the dominate formula. Bob Clark, Bruce Kilroy Strip Club Massacre

These are two very big trends in Horror cinema. Not that they’re new, but they have been blossoming in full effect within the last decade.

The cast performances are pretty decent. The main characters do well in their roles. Especially the strippers. They are quite convincing and intimidating. Jazz (the role is portrayed by Erin Brown) is one of my favorites. Jazz is the most ruthless of the bunch and a great addition to the cast and heightens the experience of the film.

The practical effects are good. Makeup Artist Meridith Kurbel gets accolades for her contribution to the film. The musical selection is good and fits the film well. There are some nice club songs that actually make the scenes quite entertaining. Bob Clark, Bruce Kilroy Strip Club Massacre


There’s not a big jump scare factor in this film. The acts of the antagonists are shock-worthy, so this aspect pretty much makes up the scare factor. The whole idea that people can be so ruthless in general, is quite an effective concept. This addition to the script and gives the film leverage. While the special effects are cringe-worthy, they don’t have visual appeal or effect. These additions are pretty mediocre in this aspect.

Strip Club Massacre starts off with a bang then slows down for a bit. There are quite a few lags between scenes before the next big or intense moment begins. The “home-run” event doesn’t happen until the last, minutes of ACT III.

It’s this show-stopping scene that makes the whole film worth it. Without this main event, all you’re watching is a group of rich, people acting ruthlessly. Top that with nudity, alcohol, and drugs. You have pretty much your average Horror, Thriller film.

In Conclusion

Strip Club Massacre is a decent cinematic experience. It takes a frequently traveled theme and touches it up with a few unexpected twists.

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