Tabloid Vivant, Kyle Broom’s Drama, Horror, Mystery

Tabloid Vivant Film Kyle Broom. Tabloid Vivant

Director: Kyle Broom

Writer: Kyle Broom

Release Date: October 20th, 2016

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery

Running Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes


Fame. Celebrity. Wealth. Max, an up and coming artist hungry for fame, meets Sara, a budding young art critic who suffers the same obsessiveness about her work as he does his.

The two begin a tumultuous relationship based on using each other to get ahead and sequester themselves in a cabin in the woods, set on creating a work of art that they feel will completely revolutionize the art world. They want to make a work of art that is alive; even if it takes their own lives to do it.


Tabloid Vivant released in July of 2016. The Drama, Horror, Mystery is written and directed by Kyle Broom. The film starts off pretty slow and confusing, and then, out of nowhere, it suddenly takes your breath away.

Maximilien Klinkau (portrayed by Jesse Woodrow) and Sara Speed (portrayed by Tamzin Brown) are two success-and-fame-driven artists, who want to make a big impact on the world.

Max is a painter, who has come up with a genius idea that he believes will sweep the scene. Sara is an art critic, who is looking for her next big success story.

When the two meet, the idea at first sounds intriguing, but confusing. In preparation for the final piece, they endure a lack of sleep, lack of food, and becoming increasingly sick to stick to the plan and the deadline. Although the path to success and fame is a grave encounter that meets a grisly demise, the final masterpiece is astonishing and Kyle Broom. Tabloid Vivant


Tabloid Vivant is an artistic cinematic masterpiece. The plot and story is very original and groundbreaking; a truly fresh idea to Horror cinema.

The premise is simple: two success-and-fame-driven artists who will do anything it takes to have their work seen and their voice heard. Although their methods to achieve this status is very unconventional, they won’t let anything or anyone stand in their way of reaching their dreams.

The acting is superb. Woodrow and Brown really get into their characters and bring them alive on screen, and this alone counts for 80% of the film’s effectiveness and success.

Although Tabloid Vivant doesn’t have any jump scares, it’s more effective in its psychological approach, and I definitely had to give credit to that.

To see these characters slowly turning insane and sacrificing themselves to get what they want is a terrifying ordeal, and the way the actors bring that transition to life adds to the psychological terror and makes it a remarkable cinematic experience.

The practical effects, special effects, and music of Tabloid Vivant are amazing. The makeup and art effects are astonishing. I have to give credit to the makeup department, sound department, and specifically with the art creation in mind, the visual effects department.DecayMag,com. Kyle Broom. Tabloid Vivant

In Conclusion

How far would you go to make your dreams come true? This is the age-old question and one that works very well in the Horror circuit.

Other films of this overall message are Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer’s Starry Eyes, and Brandon Taylor’s short film The Price of Bones.

What makes these films so successful is the psychological terror you sense when you watch them. To see the characters striving so hard to achieve their goals and their sense of perfection, all the while, watching them ruin themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically while in the process; slowly spiraling down a dark path towards insanity and, sometimes, ultimately, a fate much worse.

Kyle Broom’s Tabloid Vivant is a prime example of this and paints that picture so vividly and artistically.

Rating Score:  0-10 Avoid | 11-20 Mediocre | 21-30 Good | 31-40  Average | 41-50 Satisfactory | 51-60 Stunning | 61-70 Terrific | 71-80 Must See | 81-90 Amazing | 91-100 Impressive


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