Thing On The Shelf, The. A Horror Short That Is Anything But Lollipops, Gumdrops

Thing on the Shelf, The. Film Details:

Director: Mikal

Writer: Mikal

Release Date: December 26, 2018

Release Format: YouTube

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Horror

Running Time: 2 mins

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A child goes to bed dreaming of Christmas morning, but it isn’t the sound of reindeer that awaken her.


A mother Jill (Kathryn Lemond) is putting her daughter to sleep. The over-anxious girl (Aila June Lemond) is excited about Christmas day. Her mother reassures her that Christmas is only three days away and tucks her in for a good night’s sleep, to dream of all the wonderful things that await her on that special day. Before she does, she presents a stuffed elf doll and tells her to be good because “he’s watching you.” The daughter is left to drift into dreamland, but before she does she is startled by something. An unsettling realization that Santa’s little helper might really be keeping tabs on her.

DecaymAG.COM Thing On The Shelf, The. Darkly Films


As far as short horror films go, The Thing on the Shelf might take the cake. It’s short, it’s simple, but maybe not so sweet. Clocking in at an actual one minute and twenty-seven seconds, it kept me enthralled the entire time. I know, not saying a whole lot but The Thing on the Shelf is worth your almost two minutes. I found the camera work to be acceptable, besides the, I’m assuming, GoPro shots. The filmmaker might have achieved a better result sticking to one format, although, I did enjoy the slow in and out of focus pans over the stuffed animals, making good use of Christmas lights as the main lighting.

Either way, The Thing on the Shelf was very entertaining. When it comes to effects, there was only one, really; when the elf doll moves. It is clearly someone off camera, just manipulating the doll, but it’s effective for the film. The performances by both actresses are believable enough, being as you anticipate the real star is the unsuspecting doll and you are not disappointed.


I watched The Thing on the Shelf many times. Being as it is extremely short that was easy to do. But to give it even more credit, I showed it to some friends and family. It is a merry little film with a dark twist. Even if you don’t believe in Santa, anymore, you’ll get a kick out of this horror short.

DecaymAG.COM Thing On The Shelf, The. Darkly Films


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