Bonehill Road: Decent Story With B-Movie Delivery

Bonehill Road: Film Details, Todd Sheets, Bonehill Road

Director: Todd Sheets

Writer: Todd Sheets

Release Date: October 27, 2017

Release Format: DVD

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Running Time: 1 hr 46 min

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Emily and Eden Stevens escape one violent situation only to dive head first into another. Terrified and alone they are stranded in the dark woods only to be chased into a horrific scene in a house or horrors. They must work together to get out alive. But what is worse? What is on the inside or out?


The Cast

Eli DeGeer……Emily Stevens

Ana Rojas-Plumberg……Eden Stevens

Dilynn Fawn Harvey……Lucy

Linnea Quigley……Suzy

Millie Milan……Tina

Gary Kent……Rhett Tanner


Bonehill Road follows mother and daughter on the run from their abusive husband and father. Their car breaks down and they become stranded with no means to call for help as their cell phone has died out. They find themselves the target of a beast. While they try to make a run from it, they run into the clutches of a psychopath., Todd Sheets, Bonehill Road


Bonehill Road is the first Werewolf concept (I have seen, at least) to incorporate a secondary theme. It’s a night of horror for Emily, Eden, Tina, Suzy, and Lucy as they’re held prisoners to a ruthless psychopath who torments and tortures them. They must work together to escape this house of horrors. However, they are not much safer outside as they face off to the beasts of the night.

Todd Sheets has done a great job in Bonehill Road in combining two different themes to work together, yet, with a flow that jumps. Background stories would suffice here to make the story and flow more fluent. The story buildup doesn’t linger and doesn’t take long to get to the point. It’s more fast-paced in the speed of things. However, this is a rare case where fast-paced is not a great thing, as the story still leaves room to ponder. Before the viewer can capture one scene or event, it jumps straight into the next., Todd Sheets, Bonehill Road

Bonehill Road has a delivery and viewing experience that is overall B-Movie quality. The cinematography is clear but doesn’t look like they used quality movie filming equipment. It doesn’t look like much editing of the film’ involved. The cast does not adapt to their roles well, and the performances are not intimidating. This is a film that should have invested more in practical and special effects given the way events play out. To have scenes of heavy torture, gore, and mutilation, the effects need to be intimidating.

There have been films with limited budgets to invest in decent effects. With like-minded films, the effects are where the money should hit. Think of productions from Unearthed Films, a company that produces a lot of dark films that include loads of torment, torture, and gore. Some Guinea Pig and American Guinea Pig which are produced by Unearthed films are of the same quality.

In Conclusion

Bonehill Road has a great concept and a decent story build that needs further development. The overall delivery is B-Movie quality., Todd Sheets, Bonehill Road


  1. Interesting review! Thanks for viewing the film. We had a actual production budget of a bit over $13,500. The werewolf suits, there were four of them and a “stunt” wolf are insane expensive so I kind of smiled when you said we should have spent more on practical effects. Every dime almost went into the practical effects. Ever try and buy a full werewolf suit? We also had extra heads made in England by GDS effects. All of these and the transformation took up damned near every dime. AN average monster suit runs about $10,000 for a good one, and we had several, done with extreme attention to detail by amazing artists who helped us by not charging us labor, just for materials and still, we had to throw in some of our own money to cover it all. Anyway, again, thanks for watching! Appreciate your time.


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