Toxic Apocalypse, A Successful Cross Genre Film

Toxic Apocalypse Film Details Marc Hamill Toxic Apocalypse originally titled The Wrong Floor

Original title; The Wrong Floor

Director: Marc Hamill

Writer: Marc Hamill

Release Date: 1 November 2016 (USA)

Release Format: Video on Demand

MPAA Rating: n/a

Genre:  Action, Thriller

Running Time: 1 hour, 27 minutes


Danny’s father, a pioneering research scientist, has disappeared. Suspecting foul-play, Danny goes undercover at the research centre where he worked. He soon discovers that there is something sinister at work. It becomes a race against time to save himself, his father and the entire planet! What stands in his way?

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Toxic Apocalypse is a film production years in the making. For Director, Writer Marc Hamill Toxic Apocalypse became more than a personal project. Due to the work schedules, the production filmed over several weekends.

Toxic Apocalypse is a seventies throwback to exploitation Action, Comedy, Horror. With this in mind, the viewer already knows what to expect with visual presentation. Hamill and the production team were able to achieve an engaging concept.

Hamill’s directorial feature debut is not a Horror film per se. According to the Director, Toxic Apocalypse delves into Action and Science Fiction genres. The film infuses Comedy with subtle Horror tonalities. The approach is a rarity as it indeed crosses genres, catering to diverse palettes.

The film introduces a mélange of characters. To sum, presented are nefarious scientists, bumbling criminals and a powerful crime boss. These ingredients add essence to the overall interesting compound. The Wrong Floor served as the original title until the recent change.

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Marc Hamill succeeds with narrative and visual aesthetics. Scenes were well orchestrated and had a high level of cinematic quality. Toxic Apocalypse was filmed over the course of several weekends. Yet, that is not the impression watching the unfolding events on screen. The level of talent and production value is outstanding.

The film indeed offers a feel a seventies-era cinematic quality. Filters are employed to give a grindhouse feel to the production. With acting, certain flaws mix with the nature of the presentation.

The narrative is enjoyable and has creativity embedded within. The flow of the story is consistent. With sub-plots each have an adequate presentation and doesn’t taint the main structure. Marc Hamill Toxic Apocalypse originally titled The Wrong Floor


Neither of the following points is a devastating negative to the film. Each item presented here, in concert, mirror an exploitation era film with success. The observations listed below may cater to the uninitiated in Action, Sci-Fi films of yesteryear.

The visual effects are unrefined. Scenes that were against a green screen backdrop were noticeable. Scenarios were over-the-top and unrealistic. For both special effect and practical effects the techniques used are basic. From the muzzle flashes to blood splatter effects had a comical flair.

To conclude, some of the cast ventured into B-movie delivery technique. To reinforce the latter cheesy dialogue is also added for effect.

In conclusion:

To summarize, Marc Hamill does superior work in thisi Action, Sci-Fi throwback. Modern technology is used to give the effect of films from yesteryear. Comedy takes precidence with Horror set as passeger in this nostalgic ride.

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80 %
75 %
Originality / Redefining
90 %
90 %
Practical Effects
80 %
Scare Factor
5 %
Special Effects
50 %
Viewing Experience
80 %
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