Underworld: Blood Wars, Final Chapter to Long Standing Franchise

Underworld: Blood Wars Film Details DecayMag.com Director: Anna Foerster Writers: Cory Goodman Underworld: Blood Wars

Director: Anna Foerster


Screenplay -Cory Goodman

Story by -Kyle Ward, Cory Goodman

Characters created by -Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman,
Danny McBride

Release Date:  6 January 2017 (USA)

Release Format: Cinemas

MPAA Rating:  R

Genre: Action, Horror

Running Time: 1h 31min 


Vampire death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) fights to end the eternal war between the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her.



Once again heroine Selene and accompanying vampire soldiers battle the ferocious Lycans, Lycans. The conflict at its core sums to determine the toughest creature of the night.

The last installment in the franchise draws focus on Selene and her daughter. Their blood is the prized goal as it can convert Lycans into vampire-werewolf hybrids. Hence the clever title Underworld: Blood Wars. 

Lycan leader Marius is hellbent on crushing the enemy. By obtaining the coveted blood it would enhance his Lycans army into Vampire-Corvinus Hybrids.

The result would be a catastrophic defeat for the vampires. In turn, formulated are security measures to ensure the survival of the vampiric race.

Selene, pardoned from her crime rejoins her clan. Together they lead the offensive against the Lycans. It is here the events begin to unfold.

DecayMag.com Director: Anna Foerster Writers: Cory Goodman Underworld: Blood Wars


Underworld is well known for the unique blend of espionage and Action. Added elements of romanticism and Horror contribute to the formula. All the above are what made this franchise long-standing.

The cinematography is superb. Although most of the film is set against or influenced by CGI. The Action sequences are the star attraction to Underworld: Blood Wars. Unlike some combat scenes that are extravagant with explosions and destruction. The sequences in Blood Wars are tense yet not too chaotic.

The Fight choreography is also a highlight. One scene, in particular, a sword fight between two vampires is well coordinated. The scene unfolds in the latter part of ACT III. Yet, it is a spectacle that is worth the wait.

The narrative for Underworld: Blood Wars is simple and predictable. Yet, the design accommodates audience members unfamiliar with the intricate Underworld storyline.

DecayMag.com Director: Anna Foerster Writers: Cory Goodman Underworld: Blood Wars


Underworld: Blood Wars does not deliver anything new to the fourteen-year-old franchise. Elements of betrayal, hidden secrets and interweaving scenes of combat are the simple foundations.

The film, of course, suffices as entertainment for many including fans of the franchise. For others, Underworld: Blood Wars is repetitive, basic and predictable as it gets.

Underworld: Blood Wars is rich with special effects. This is the norm for big budget Hollywood productions. For Blood Wars, these effects convert the film into a virtual reality hodgepodge. The werewolves are cartoonish non-frightening entities.

Cliché also takes precedence. The covens bear resemblance to local Goth clubs. Females wear lace and leather, sip glasses of blood. Vampires soldiers wear stylish leather garb. Of course, body armor is not a logical part or attire. Why should it be? This is the future and if UV bullets are a reality so should UV body armor.

DecayMag.com Director: Anna Foerster Writers: Cory Goodman Underworld: Blood Wars

In conclusion:

Underworld: Blood Wars offers a way too powerful protagonist. This in itself makes the film less appealing. CGI plays a central role which is overpowering. The plot is so basic at best it seems this film had no intention of provoking thought.

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DecayMag.com Director: Anna Foerster Writers: Cory Goodman Underworld: Blood Wars

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50 %
Scare Factor
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Special Effects
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Viewing Experience
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