Undress Me Dresses Body Horror Idea with Used Approach

Undress Me Film Details DecayMag.com Amelia Moses Undress Me

Director: Amelia Moses

Writer: Amelia Moses

Release Date: Film Festival Run

Release Format: Short

MPAA Rating:N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 13 Minutes


A socially awkward college freshman begins to experience a mysterious and gruesome physical deterioration after a chance encounter at a frat party.

DecayMag.com Amelia Moses Undress Me


Body Horror is a theme seldom approached by filmmakers. There exist only a few selections that delve on this topic and each explores traits of social commentary. One popular approach to this sub-genre is the conveyance of one night stands and sexually transmitted disease. These are issues that have long term repercussions and life threatening dangers. Filmmakers use the Body Horror theme to create an in-your-face art form to deliver their message.

Amelia Moses delivers her creative vision of Body Horror with Undress Me. The film is in rotation across the film festival circuit. To date Undress Me has accrued Official Selection status

Official Selection – Fantasia International Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, 2017

Official Selection – Portland Horror Film Festival, Oregon, USA, 2017

Official Selection – Etheria Film Night World Tour, 2017

Official Selection – Chattanooga Film Festival, 2017, Tennessee, USA

Official Selection – Video Nasty Film Festival, 2017, Seattle, USA


Official Selection – Fright Night Theatre Film Festival, 2017, Canada

Nominated: Best Canadian Short, Most Shocking Short

Nominated Best Canadian Short, Most Shocking Short

Official Selection – Final Girls Berlin Film Festival, 2017, Germany

DecayMag.com Amelia Moses Undress Me


The practical effects were of satisfactory degree. Viewers are introduced to a feminine figure going through a slow horrific transmutation. These exhibits are sufficient to raise awes and acclaim. Make-up artist Ana-Maria Cimpoia performed meritorious work creating convincing flesh deterioration.

The lighting was basic yet it strengthened the final reveal well. For most scenes, it seems the environment was accented with limited light sources. The defining feature for Moses’ film was the camera work. Established shots are polished and aid with building tension and drama.

Audiences will find the depictions entertaining. Lee Marshall’s establishes her role of The afflicted woman. Her fright conveys with a straightforward approach. The character’s innocent, shy behavior doesn’t feel over performed.

DecayMag.com Amelia Moses Undress Me


The narrative felt weak and cliché. Overall, the synopsis had an all too familiar atmosphere. Undress Me parallels  Eric England’s 2013 film with precision. For example, the set-up accompanying conflict and character development are represented in both films. It is this approach that makes Moses’ interpretation to the Body Horror theme less than stellar.

The closing minutes to Act III does not produce a satisfactory conclusion. In parallel, a film may have a dull presentation but an effective finale will make the story memorable. In Undress Me an introspective piece lacks in intensity. While watching the film audiences are readying for a raw climatic ending to publish, that never manifests.

The characters also didn’t produce the essential chemistry to command the screen time. There are many questions left unanswered. For the protagonist, her portrait is that of a socially awkward and lonely person. This role, however, becomes misconstrued as a shy, horny person. The antagonist fails to communicate as the driving opposition. His feeble stature decreases treat value. It is not the physicality emphasized but the threatening technique.

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