Unpleasant Surprise, An. The Title Doesn’t Work Out Well On This Horror Short.

Unpleasant Surprise, An. Short Film details.

Decaymag.com, Unpleasant Surprise, James Furlong

Director: James Furlong

Writer: James Furlong

Release Date: 2018

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror/Short

Running Time: 7 mins




Joe’s 21st birthday is looking to be one for the books… But for all the wrong reasons.

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An Unpleasant Surprise is a horror short written and directed by James Furlong. It premiered at Austin Comedy Horror Short Film Festival back in April. Here are my thoughts on this not-so-much-pleasant short.


Joshua Lee Young as Joe

David Witts as Gary

Tim Crowe as The attacker

Tatevik Hunanyan as Cindy

Decaymag.com, Unpleasant Surprise, James FurlongImpressions

It’s been a while since I drafted an article, so I was psyched to be back. Not that ecstatic after watching this horror short though.

An Unpleasant Surprise; I didn’t appreciate this title… before watching you already know something unpleasant will come out of it. It’s like selling your movie for horror fans to watch. It didn’t catch my eye at all and I think it’s spoiler-y from the moment on you’re commencing to watch it. I mean, stare at the poster. That picture is the outcome, and you already know that just by how the movie is promoted. That’s baffling and click-baiting.

An Unpleasant Surprise tells the story of Joe, a 21-year-old, having his birthday party organized by his best friend Gary who is thrilled for his friend to drink alcohol, have fun and have sex. I don’t want to be all feminist here but I’m sick and tired of watching movies with characters having this type of behaviour. Is it entertaining to watch two young men talk about how they are going to meet up a girl at a party and get lucky? Is that unquestionably a plot for a movie? And nowadays? It’s just tedious, unoriginal and irritating. I’m sorry, but it’s boring and not interesting. An Unpleasant Surprise runs for about 6 minutes and the half of it is about that, how 21-year-old Joe will get lucky that night.

The performances are overall unsatisfying, but the actors do what they can with a poor script and bland dialogues.

An Unpleasant Surprise looks good nevertheless, the cinematography is on point, the image is clear and sharp and I really liked most of the shots, specifically the close-ups.

There are some practical effects used which were nice to witness, but the climax of the short wasn’t at all refreshing. I wasn’t surprised or excited by how the events turn out. I felt it was predictable, and that is because of what I noted above: you previously know something bad will happen. There is a twist at the end that wasn’t predicted but even thus you’re not that much engaged by the plot anymore.Decaymag.com, Unpleasant Surprise, James Furlong

Closing Thoughts

An Unpleasant Surprise might delight many young adults out there who are fans of movies like The Hangover or Project X. Just think of that with a stir of gore but without the frights and the fun.

Decaymag.com, Unpleasant Surprise, James Furlong


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