Unspoken, The. Recalibrates Haunting Perspectives

Unspoken, The. Film Details DecayMag.com Sheldon Wilson The Unspoken
Director: Sheldon Wilson 
Writer: Sheldon Wilson
Release Date: October 28, 2016 | December 6, 2016
Release Format: Theaters and Digital HD | DVD
MPAA Rating: N/A
Genre: Thriller
Running Time: 1h 30min

In 1997 the Anderson family vanished from their home without a trace. No bodies were ever found. For 17 years the house has remained undisturbed… until now.



Haunted Homes is one of many recurring themes in the Horror genre. Characters and narrative may change over time but the core concept remains consistent. In some instances, haunted home films draw inspiration from actual documented events. The reenactment of purportedly true stories adds a new layer of suspense to the film.

Audiences find the lure of the supernatural of utmost interest. This may explain the uninterrupted popularity of the haunted home concept. Yet, this does not imply filmmakers should remain dormant in a template based recipe.

The Unspoken is a modern recalibration to the haunted house concept. The work is the brainchild of director, writer Sheldon Wilson. The film delivers the typical elements of Horror and Mystery.  Yet, Wilson uses fundamentals to construct a new perspective in Horror cinema. The Unspoken addresses a solid narrative, balanced characters and a riveting finale.

The Unspoken was screen Monday the 17th of October 2016 in New York City. DecayMag staff was on hand for the viewing. Here are our thoughts on Sheldon Wilson’s The Unspoken 

DecayMag.com Sheldon Wilson The Unspoken


Sheldon Wilson draws the attention of the viewer where it needs to be. Scenes are not composed with a false purpose. Each shot triggers specific emotional responses from the audience. From suspenseful moments to gore-infused compositions each scene integrates well with the narrative.

Wilson employs creative camera work that not only tells the story but delivers clues. For instance, the POV (point of view) perspective draws understanding that something is amiss. This method is seen many times in Horror cinema and draws on providing a mystery with the threat. A shot of something as subtle as a marble trekking across the floor is composed in such a way that dispels the cliché nature of its approach.

Jodelle FerlandPascale HuttonSunny Suljic and Neal McDonough are some of the contributing talents that make The Unspoken an entertaining visual experience. The on-screen chemistry is persuasive with realism. Yet, there were a few performers that lacked authenticism with their dramatics. 

Ferland portrays her role with remarkable finesse. She executes a convincing performance that relays believability. The audience will have no problem being drawn into Ferland’s character. McDonough does what he does best and that is delivering on-screen dominance. 

Sheldon Wilson constructed a unique formula for The Unspoken. Wilson presents a supernatural Thriller with a steady pace. Don’t let this approach fool you. The Unspoken grips the viewer with intense edge-of-your-seat visuals. Horror enthusiasts would be pleased to see a solid display of practical effects. There is no over-the-top theatrics present in The Unspoken. Mischievous and awe striking feats from the paranormal are discrete in execution.

The pivotal moment for the film is compartmentalized within Act III. For, the astute viewer the plot twist will appear to be of no surprise. Presented are subtle hints viewers may use to formulate a conclusion. Whatever the case, the narrative is intriguing from the opening frame.

DecayMag.com Sheldon Wilson The Unspoken


Jump scares are used as cheap parlor tricks to cause involuntary responses from the audience. While this tactic may influence casual cinephiles it serves no benefit for Horror connoisseurs. Whether it is an audio cue or an abrupt action from the theatrical performer, jumps scares are mere attention grabbers.

In the case of The Unspoken, jump scares were overused to the point of being annoying and distracting. Over time, the frequency to these instances would numb the intended effect.

Release Date Information:

Opens theatrically on October 28 in New York (Cinema Village), Los Angeles (Noho 7) and regional territories including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Minneapolis, Orlando and more.

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80 %
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Practical Effects
80 %
Scare Factor
5 %
Special Effects
10 %
Viewing Experience
80 %
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