Vanessa Ionta Wright Is Grim With I Baked Him a Cake

 Vanessa Ionta Wright’s I Baked Him a Cake Film Details Director: Vanessa Ionta Wright Writer: Samantha Kolesnik I Baked Him a Cake

Director: Vanessa Ionta Wright

Writer: Samantha Kolesnik

Release Date:

Release Format: TBD

MPAA Rating: TBD

Genre: Short, Horror

Running Time: 5 minutes


Lenora, a young girl, wakes up excited to bake her father his favorite cake on his birthday. As Lenora bakes, she notices strange behavior from Mom. Meanwhile, Dad isn’t home yet and it’s growing late… Director: Vanessa Ionta Wright Writer: Samantha Kolesnik I Baked Him a Cake


The characters were well portrayed. Actress Fleece does superb work in her role as the mother. Suspicion and dread anchor the character well. Fleece delivers a convincing authoritative yet menacing projection over her co-star Lillian Gray.

Its impressive to see child actors engage in films of serious tonality. Thrillers and Horror films make the best platform to challenge the acting prowess. Lillian Gray expressed her role as Lenora with convincing prose. Gray’s limited dialogue had support with direct body language.

Cinematographer Henrik A. Meyer crafted each scene to deliver trepidation and sorrow. Some scenes cater to the astute viewer by offering subtle hints on the developing story. The lighting was adequate to reflect an intimate abode. Director Vanessa Ionta Wright captured the unfolding scenes with utmost creativity. The shots have an establishment with direct angles. Yet, this standard approach serves the film well. Director: Vanessa Ionta Wright Writer: Samantha Kolesnik I Baked Him a Cake


Audiences can piece together the dastardly deed yet there is a void to this narrative. With an understanding of events transpired actions committed can feel justified. This would lead to projecting an emotional response with The Mother. Was she a victim of domestic abuse? Was she cheating on her spouse or vice versa? Director: Vanessa Ionta Wright Writer: Samantha Kolesnik I Baked Him a Cake In conclusion

The downfall for I Baked Him A Cake is the length of the film. The presentation is too short. This narrative merits a longer running time to accommodate a more engaging story. The visual narrative is that engaging. I Baked Him A Cake serves as a teaser for something bigger.

Also, the actresses in the little time allowed showcased some impressive talents. It would be nice to see a longer, unfolding chemistry between Fleece and Gray. Mystery and sympathy are the major contributors to the film. I Baked Him A Cake plays with the emotional level of the audience. By the end of the film, one can only feel sorrow for Gray’s character.

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