Víctor Matellano’s Vampyres, Sadomasochistic Violence Arouses

Víctor Matellano, Director

Writer(s):DecayMag.com Víctor Matellano Vampyres
José Ramón Larraz
Víctor Matellano

Release Date: October 18th, 2016

Release Format: DVD VOD

MPAA Rating:  N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 1h 22min


Faithful to the sexy, twisted 1974 cult classic by Joseph Larraz, Vampyres is an English-language remake pulsating with raw eroticism, wicked sado-masochism and bloody, creative gore. Victor Matellano (Wax (2014, Zarpazos! A Journey through Spanish Horror, 2013) directs this tale set in a stately English manor inhabited by two older female vampires and with their only cohabitant being a man imprisoned in the basement. Their lives and lifestyle are upended when a trio of campers come upon their lair and seek to uncover their dark secrets, a decision that has sexual and blood-curdling consequences.



Vampyres is one of many classic horror films delivering sex and violent imagery. The marriage between the two elements branded these films as exploitive in nature. During the seventies, lesbianism, vampirism, and related compositions were the norm in Horror cinema. A decline in the volume of risqué content occurred as years passed.

DecayMag.com Víctor Matellano Vampyres

Today, cinephiles would venture online to find exploitation era Horror films. Vampyres is a prime example of artsploitation, exploitation, and associated branding. Yet, the 1975 classic possesses another defining attribute. The film is the directorial work from director José Ramón Larraz. Thus, the film illustrates the contributions made by Latinos in the Horror genre.

Víctor Matellano reinvigorates the lost art of erotism once found in the Horror. Matellano’s film is a modernization to the classic film Vampyres. Releasing on the 18th, October 2016 is a film long desired and much anticipated.


Víctor Matellano presents a recalibrated vision to the 1975 classic. The modern interpretation molds aspects from the original. The end result is an arousing visual experience. Matellano translated a Horror classic with remarkable finesse. This is a rare example of a remake excelling the sourced material.


For the uninitiated, Matellano’s latest contribution to Horror may seem as an original piece. What makes Matellano’s version of this Horror classic more compelling? The modernization of the source material is a polished composition. Matellano’s Vampyres is a striking exhibition of sadomasochism and lust envelope with horror overtones. A nostalgic design takes center stage in this film.

Each scene is a work of art. A frame is not wasted on stagnant story development. The film grips audiences from conception. Gore is not used with overexaggerated effect and neither is the nudity. Each element serves as a working component instead of a pretentious circumstance.

Adding to the cinematic value is the onscreen chemistry. The cast delivered intensity with each intimate scene. The portrayals conveyed were solid and did not convey flaws. Each performer engaged when grim circumstance unfolded.

DecayMag.com Víctor Matellano Vampyres

The practical effects were limited to key scenes. Yet, the costume design and lack thereof became the attraction. Blood overflowed in every given instance and became part of the wardrobe.

Presented is a narrative many would consider exploitative. Yet, this is not the case. The villainesses use beauty as an instrument to ensnare prey. These women are not helpless damsels. The antagonists are a strong predatory force seeking blood and lust. The audience is fixed as voyeurs to spectacles of carnage and eroticism.

Vampyres will release the 18th of October 2016 on;

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