A Walk Home Alone Short on Horror but Delivers Tension

A Walk Home Alone Film Details

Director: Andrew J.D. Robinson

Writer: Andrew J.D. Robinson

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: YouTube

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short/Thriller

Running Time: 6 min 34 sec


Recent cases of missing women have something in common in “A Walk Home Alone” starring Maura Stephens, Patrick Sutters, Jurgen Vollrath, and Jenn Nangle. Written & Directed by Andrew J.D. Robinson

1. Overview:

DecayMag.com Andrew J.D. Robinson A Walk Home Alone
A Walk Home Alone Still

Andrew J.D. Robinson comes back to haunt us with a different take on slasher-y thriller where Drama takes place and Horror stays in the background.

Maura Stephens re-joins with Andrew here playing Alice, a sad woman that comes home from the abortion clinic. She was dumped by her boyfriend when he discovered she was pregnant. During her time coming back home, we’re informed that there’s a serial killer on the loose that kills innocent women by drowning them in the Arcadia river. A fellow stranger walks by Alice in the corridor at her building and he seems interested in her so he follows her without her knowing it until Alice arrives at her apartment. After that, there are spoilers so, I shouldn’t tell. You should watch it. It’s solid.

2. Impressions:

DecayMag.com Andrew J.D. Robinson A Walk Home Alone
A Walk Home Alone Still

Maura Stephens worked with Andrew J.D. Robinson before and I’ve reviewed his work with her called Placebo. In A Walk Home Alone, Stephens delivers a flawed and sad Alice who gets an abortion after being left out by her boyfriend. She is the lead of the short and she has great scenes in it but I had a problem with her dialogue with her ex on the phone. I felt there was something missing. Maybe the shot wasn’t the best either since it was too intimate and funny enough there’s a different shot of her when she hangs up and I think this wider shot could’ve worked out better throughout the scene. Maybe she would have been more comfortable.

I wish the opening scene was done in one shot only. It started out well but when Alice reaches her door but Robinson opted for some different shots that left the corridor off screen. Even though I suppose it was intentional for the suspense, I’m almost sure it could have worked out better her closing the door and the salesman walking and staying in front of her door staring at it, or listening.

The editing felt amateur, with cuts being too fast between shots and near the end when there’s suspense with the salesman and Alice at the door and suddenly everything is off rapidly. I know it’s intentional since the suspense here is luring us to believe he is the bad guy but the editing was rough and in the end, failed the purpose completely.

The scare factor is minimal here since the story unfolds through Alice’s drama but don’t think this isn’t Horror or Thriller because the ambient is patient from the beginning. We’re told there is someone out there killing innocent girls. When we see for the first time the salesman in the corridor, watching Alice and turning his way around to stalk her, the moment is creepy, and it works but as I said before; I wished the scene was done differently.

There are two similarities in both Robinson’s films Placebo and A Walk Home Alone, the cinematography and the narrator. It seems to be his style. The black and white are pertinent in both films and the narrator here works as the news anchor to opposed as us being the doctor in Placebo. Solid ideas and a director’s vision behind this film. Glad Robinson’s sticking with it.

3. In Conclusion:

A Walk Home Alone Still

There is some amazing work here from both sides front and behind the camera and I must applaud for the whole story is solid.

I liked this film, I had to watch two times to be certain of my decision but I can firmly say that as a whole the film works out good and I can’t wait to watch another film from Workobey Films. Congratulations to everyone involved.

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