Weird Fiction, Horror Anthology With Nostalgic Feel

Weird Fiction Film Details

Director:  Jacob Perrett

Writer: Jacob Perrett

Release Date: 3 October 2018 (USA)

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating:

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 1h 27min

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Weird Fiction was an underground Halloween television special…until it was canceled. Here are four recovered episodes sure to inject you with TRUE terror!

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Before the mind-numbing reality shows plaguing our homes, it was Horror, anthologies in particular that triumphed as authoritative substance. From The Outer Limits to The Twilight Zone to Tales From The Darkside, these thirty-minute segments would serve audiences with twisted tales enveloped with the supernatural and/or science unknowns. Add poor dialogue structure and not so impressive performances and these sets passed for a compelling evening viewing.

The Horror community, acquainted or not with this nostalgic content have welcomed the recent slated for anthology films. It is no surprise that in recent years filmmakers have adopted to delivered fragments of Horror as opposed to one full-length production. A sequence of bite-sized narratives entwined under a shared subject or thread has its challenges. Accomplished well and the film, without challenge, become a staple in Horror cinema.

Director, Writer Jacob Perrett with his team of visionaries add their work of art, Weird Fiction to the Horror anthology landscape. To include a sense of nostalgia the production team used color grading, less than stellar performances and synthesizer-based soundtracks common in sets of yesteryear  Jacob Perrett Weird Fiction
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To create a flashback inspired construct special care to attention needs consideration. Adding color overlays and film artifacts over a composite do not satisfy with an homage to retro Horror films. Perret wore many hats to secure audiences with a pleasant visual experience. Serving as a cinematographer, director, and writer opens room for technical faults but this is the contrary to Weird Fiction.  

The set design plays as a substantial contributor to the time accuracy of Perret’s film. A wonderful play on lighting schemes also adds to the atmospheric conveyance of the era. In this area, Weird Fiction radiates as a contemporary throwback. I became impressed with the different periods conveyed in the film. Hints on the timeline occur with the occasional item shared in the frame. For example, a visual reference to Pearl Jam places the segment within the mid-90’s. Still, despite the various time origins, the nostalgic type video effects continue in place.  Jacob Perrett Weird Fiction
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As a music nerd, I found the music accompaniment married the visuals well. Astute listeners will catch the rhythmic bridges sampled from synth-pop, new wave classics. The music compositions were strings of clever remixes that escapes infusing original and costly licensing fees.

The performances were dubious and stale. These are acts many Horror enthusiasts find in B-movie films. It is deplorable and Weird Fiction avoids this indie production offense. The performances escape falling into the typical trappings found in low-budget films.

These acts developed into a clever, ingenious tribute to Horror cinema and television of yesteryear. With that said, the portraits painted in Weird Fiction is admirable and entertaining. Startled reactions, dread, and various spontaneous conveyance or absence thereof cannot come under fire in Perret’s film. Taylor Rhoades shines in his many roles in Weird FictionIsabella Rodriguez too portrays different personalities with compelling retro-era interpretation.

Weird Fiction gets the rare honor of being an original and redefining content in indie Horror cinema. The delivery and construction are evocative of a nostalgic era yet maintaining modern approaches to filmmaking. The practical effects, plot, and acting come together into one cohesive visual narrative.  Jacob Perrett Weird Fiction
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In Conclusion

As each segment ended I was counting on another tale to follow. Weird Fiction presents enjoyable Horror content gift wrapped with a nostalgic atmosphere. The scare factor is lacking but it will not pose a problem amidst the callousness of the target market. Overall Director, Writer, Cinematographer Jacob Perrett gives a superb viewing experience I was not expecting. Am sure many will express a similar sentiment after and/or while watching Perrett’s film.

Weird Fiction deserves a sequel, the fade to black and the ending credits that followed become the only downfall to this production.  Jacob Perrett Weird Fiction
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