Whats for Dinner? A Short Serving Of Comedy and Cannibalism

Whats for Dinner? Film Details  DecayMag.com Nathan Ludwig, Chad Farmer, and Charles Devin Hill Whats For Dinner



Nathan Ludwig

Chad Farmer

Charles Devin Hill

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Comedy

Running Time: 7 minutes


A man’s quiet night home alone is completely ruined when he has a close encounter with an escaped cannibal psycho with terrible manners and extremely poor communication skills.


DecayMag.com Nathan Ludwig, Chad Farmer, and Charles Devin Hill Whats For Dinner
Nathan Ludwig in What’s for Dinner?

The opening shot of What’s for Dinner plops us into the spotless home of Mr. Turtleneck, played by Ludwig. Dressed in a snug-fitting blue turtleneck that is both comedic and horrific enough in its own right, Mr. Turtleneck pours a glass of wine and settles in for a night of television when He’s stunned to hear a cannibal is on the loose. Mr. Turtleneck hurries outside to check on his beloved dog, Snicklefritz, where he makes an unsightly discovery.

What’s for Dinner is an incredible, well-executed addition to this year’s round of horror comedies, and at just under seven (7) minutes, it’s sure to leave horror fans craving more from the talented trio of filmmakers who comprise FarmWig Films. Ludwig is hilarious as Mr. Turtleneck with a grating snootiness we’ve all come across in our lives. Its clear that Ludwig has acting talent, and his spot-on performance is impressive, considering he also directed, produced, and wrote What’s for Dinner with filmmakers Farmer and Hill. Rarely has an artist pulled off so many roles so well.

Farmer also entertains on screen as Mr. Backyard, with an animalistic performance and Hill completes the trio’s on-screen ensemble as Mr. Basement. Landon Knoblock’s fanciful score enhances the atmosphere of Mr. Turtleneck’s home and its strange inhabitants.

DecayMag.com Nathan Ludwig, Chad Farmer, and Charles Devin Hill Whats For Dinner
Nathan Ludwig in What’s for Dinner?

What’s for Dinner is not a typical cannibal film. Hill, Ludwig, and Farmer wrote a smart and funny script that plays on one of horror’s favorite grisly subjects. Many horror films involving cannibalism rely heavily on loads of gory effects, but Farmer, Hill, and Ludwig made a tasteful choice to include just a touch of brilliant and bloody special effects, created by artist Sean Krumbholz.

Farmer, Hill, and Ludwig make it clear with What’s for Dinner that they know how to create films that do something which sounds easy but, in fact, is quite a challenge: they know how to entertain.

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