Where Is IT, Horror Short Combines Supernatural and Social Connection

Where Is IT Short Film Details DecayMag.com. Todd Spence, Zak White. Where Is IT

Directors: Todd Spence, Zak White

Writers: Todd Spence, Zak White

Release Date: September 14, 2017

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Horror

Running Time: 3 Minutes


It’s a simple question…and you better have the answer.


Where Is IT released on September 14, 2017. It was uploaded on YouTube by Midnight Video.

The Cast

Whitney Grimes – Em

Travina Springer – Sara

Patrick Keane – Goblin

Em gets home. During a Facetime call with her friend, Sara, she notices strange things happening. The first is a mysterious message written on the walls it reads; “Where is it”. Passing it off as a joke made my Sara, she hesitates as other strange things happen. Like the house becoming dark and weird sounds in the house. As she investigates, Sara discovers a mysterious man standing behind Em. As she tries to warn her, the man grabs Em. The call drops and the screen fade out. What’s left is weird sounds for the viewer to interpret.

1. Pros

DecayMag.com. Todd Spence, Zak White. Where Is IT

What Is IT plays like part Found Footage film. This becomes an observation while Em and Sara are on a FaceTime call while the startling events unfold. This is an interesting technique for this film, it intensifies the scene as Sara witnesses her friend being haunted and preyed upon. Yet, Sara can’t-do anything, but try to warn her friend. So, she works as a key witness here with the circumstances.

The plot is suspenseful. The unknown works in this film’s favor. When you see the message “Where is it”, it brings about suspicion. This leads Em on a goose chase, in a creepy game of Hide-and-Seek with the stranger that has gotten into her home and is now taunting her. The score is good. Dramatic theatrical sounds. This also intensifies the experience some.

The wardrobe selections are commendable, yet more emphasis goes towards the makeup effects of the Goblin. He is creepy-looking. His sinister glowing eyes are a great touch and add a bigger creep factor to the Goblin.

For performances they cast are all good but could have been more convincing. Em and Sara’s reactions to the circumstances feel hesitant. It took Sara too long to notice and react to the writing on the wall. Em’s reaction and attitude towards this are subtle at first. When the Goblin appears, Sara becomes scared, but not enough to be convincing. The scene where is he turns and grabs her is startling.

2.  Cons

DecayMag.com. Todd Spence, Zak White. Where Is IT

Where Is IT doesn’t have a big scare factor. The ending is a little startling because the viewer is left to predict what is going on. The Goblin grabs Em, and you hear odd sounds as if he is eating her. That’s what I make of it, but I am not certain.

The special effects could have been better to make the film look more believable. The writing on the wall looks like it was written with paint. I’m not sure if it was meant to be blood or not. If so, the effects of the blood are not convincing.

In Conclusion

Where Is IT is one of few Found Footage films that doesn’t keep the viewer lingering for long. I also like it doesn’t take place with the main characters running hysterically in the woods from some boogeyman or creature you never see. I am relieved that the film shows exactly what IT is instead of keeping the viewer guessing.

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