Woodsmen, The. Familiar Stomping Grounds, Exceptional Practical Effects

Woodsmen, The. Film Details


Victor Cooper

Rob Howsam (collaborating director)

Jodi Cooper (co-director)

Victor Cooper (co-director)


Jodi Cooper…(Writer, Co-Writer, Story)

Victor Cooper…(Writer, Co-Writer, Story)

Rob Howsam…(Story)

Kirsten Wight-Howsam…(Story)

Release Date: June 2018 (Canada) *IMDb

Release Format: YouTube

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short, Horror, Sci-Fi

Running Time: 20 min


Something is wrong in Slender Valley. When residents start to go missing in the vast forests, Park Ranger Sherman, and Deputy Ranger Lewis take on the chore of leading search expeditions. But someone knows more than they are letting on and Slender Valley can’t keep its secret forever… or can it?



The Woodsmen is a twenty-minute Horror short that encompasses a cryptozoological theme. Bigfoot is a popular topic for filmmakers to present to audiences, a presentation that shares the same oversaturated field as zombies. These films are a welcome contribution to this ever-growing trend in Horror cinema.

Another Bigfoot movie, do audiences need another visual tale of a hairy cryptid attacking unsuspecting campers? That is a question that can apply to any version of Horror. Filmmakers would not be creating this concept if there wasn’t a demand and a market for it.

Did The Woodsmen set itself apart from or does it join the large pack of similar films?


The Woodsmen may not influence an/or offer innovative material to the Sasquatch theme. DecayMag.com The Woodsmen Victor Cooper Rob Howsam (collaborating director) Jodi Cooper (co-director) Victor Cooper (co-director)Working against this production is the oversaturated landscape this film falls under. Countless releases mirror similar plots and outlines hinders efforts for The Woodsmen to shine as an original work of art.

Yet, calculated and executed between the directors and production team are many strong points that compared to recent Bigfoot releases are fantastic.

Let’s begin with the cinematography, this is an area we emphasize most with each film review at DecayMag. The director, cinematographer, director of photography each encompass a vital role in translating the script to screen. This is the area for The Woodsmen that offers exceptional entertainment value.

From the depth of field focus to the use of multiple angles this Bigfoot story has a structure. Although the film has a running time of twenty (20) minutes The Woodsmen has the visual quality of a full feature production.

In terms of the story, The Woodsmen has a crafted with a story arc that is both surprising and absorbing. Infused in the narrative is the typical creature feature, a town plagued by missing persons and a nefarious person willing to keep a dark secret at any cost. This mishmash of familiar sub-plots flows with promise and without restraint of terrible cliches. While the writers provided adequate conflict and a strong foundation for the man versus the unknown compound. It is the limited timeframe however that stands in the way of a strong accompany backstory.

The acting feels believable and the interacting dialogues have a stable essence. While some performers shift into B-Movie territory, these are not exhibitions that weigh the film down. The creature costume does not convey itself as a construct of creative nightmares. The design has a low-quality allure similar to that of an expensive Halloween costume. The gore factor and its rich detail to compensate for the gorilla costume becoming another highlight for the film.

In Closing

The Woodsmen is a nice addition to Sasquatch-themed creature feature genre. It is baffling, why some filmmakers choose this particular cryptozoological creation as its central antagonist. There are many cryptids to choose from and some such as the chupacabra has received little emphasis in Horror cinema.

The Woodsmen has subtle scares but it features a nice amount of gore factor for Horror enthusiast that admire this type of craft. In its entirety, this film is award winning for many of its production aspects. The only major subtraction will have to be the creature concept.


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