World Over, The. Translates Known Fears To Cinema

372 Heath C. Michaels, The World Over

World Over, The: Some Doors Are Never Meant To Be Opened

World Over, The Film Review Details Heath C. Michaels, The World Over

Director: Heath C. Michaels

Writer: Heath C. Michaels

Release Date: July 12, 2018 (South Korea)

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Thriller

Running Time: 17 min 22 sec

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When a reclusive mother-to-be finds an odd key that magically opens a portal through her hallway door, her husband goes snooping inside and never returns. Beset with loneliness, she gathers her courage and ventures beyond the door where she finds a parallel universe complete with doppelgängers of herself and her husband. In a desperate move, she kills her doppelgänger and takes her place, hoping to live out the rest of her days incognito with the husband, but soon finds herself playing a life-or-death game when another doppelgänger enters the door with similar plans.

Press Release



The World Over makes it world premiere at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival on July 15, 2018, in Bucheon, South Korea. The Short Thriller written and directed by Heath C. Michaels. Produced by Nothing Rhymes With Entertainment.

The Cast

Tess Granfield……Cass

Brett Keating……Jules Heath C. Michaels, The World OverImpressions


The World Over has a familiar concept that does well to set itself apart from like-minded films. Cass finds a mysterious key that has a magnetic field. It points towards a doorway that has no door. After scraping away at the wall, Cass finds a keyhole. This unlocks an invisible door that leads to a different realm where they find other versions of themselves. Once Jules enters the doorway, he doesn’t return.

Sometime later, a depressed Cass enters the doorway to reunite with Jules. This reunion proves to be happy at first. Soon Cass will learn that some doors never meant opened, and some things are better left undiscovered. However, by the time she learns this lesson, it’s too Heath C. Michaels, The World Over


Filmed in just 9 days and the running time in less than 20 minutes The World Over amazes with a well-developing story. Time is of the essence, the production crew does well to use their time to make a great impact on the audience. This is not clear in a lot of short films.

While Michaels states that isolation is a personal fear of his, this can be a relevant and universal matter, as it translates to reality. Likewise, the film parallels this translation. The concept of relating real-life fears to cinema entertainment is also one that is a hit or miss and can make or break a Heath C. Michaels, The World Over


When you consider the abundance of films that project different phobias, such as fear of spiders; but filmmakers translate this to giant, alien man-eating monsters. Fear of closed spaces translates to a bizarre scenario where the victims locked away in a prison of some sort and terrorized by a psycho. Michaels keeps this fear of isolation to where it can stimulate the audience, adding just enough so it doesn’t overdramatize the projection.

Also, with mention of a limited budget, it’s astounding the quality Michaels put into this production with such a restriction. As with any film, the budget is always the biggest obstacle to maneuver. A lot of feature productions struggle with quality because of this. Viewing The World Over, the viewer can observe that quality was a high priority. This goes for every aspect of the production: the cinematography, the editing, the casting and performances. It is not clear you are watching a low budget Heath C. Michaels, The World Over

In Conclusion


The World Over translates a universal fear from reality to the big screen with a quality story, cinematography, and performances. The direction is focused on this goal and doesn’t lose sight of its creativity and Heath C. Michaels, The World Over


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