Richard Rowntree Dogged, Critically Acclaimed Horror Indie Short

Richard Rowntree’s Dogged started as an idea. In 2015 production began and the film soon evolved into a Horror, Thriller medium. Dogged is an indie production conceived with  a shoe-string budget. A team of dedicated individuals and a nineteen hour day shoot is all it took to create Dogged.  Their hard work paid off!

The four-minute Horror film is currently screening in the film festival circuit. Dogged also earned a high ranking within the BBC’s film competition titled; The Fear.  The competition was a selective process to discover up and coming horror directors. Richard Rowntree’s Dogged earned fifth place out of five hundred entries.

The long synopsis to Richard Roundtree’s Dogged reads as follows:

Dogged is a dark fairy tale meshed with psychological terror and explores our primeval fear of “what lurks in the woods”. When protagonist Sam and his girlfriend Lola are caught making out in his fathers car by a bizarre masked man, their escape seems all too easy. As they return to their normal lives, they are plagued by visions of masked people watching them, and their lives begin to unravel in a depraved spiral of paranoia.

As Sam digs deeper into these visions, he discovers that all is not what it seems in his seemingly idyllic rural community, and he uncovers a murderous cult who will stop at nothing to preserve the status quo of their environment, and keep their identities a secret”

Dogged Feature Film Seeks Funding

Director Richard Rowntree is riding on the success from the short film. Rowntree decided to embark on a full feature production. Filming will begin in the Fall of 2016 with an estimated date of completion set for April 2017.  Dogged will mark the first full feature release by Ash Mountain Films. For more information visit the Dogged” Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  Featured is an in-depth look into the production budget and cost.

The campaign goal is set for twenty-one thousand four hundred dollars. With under ten thousand dollars accrued only fourteen days remain until the campaign ends.

[box type=”note” align=”” class=”” width=””] Visit the Dogged Crowdfunding Campaign[/box]


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