Sadako vs. Kayako, Japanese Horror Icons Face-Off, Shudder Acquires

Sadako vs. Kayako Film Koji Shiraishi, Koji Shuzuki, Takashi Shimizu. Sadako vs Kayako

Title: Sadako vs. Kayako

Director: Koji Shiraishi

Writers: Takashi Shimizu, Koji Suzuki

Release Date: June 18, 2016 (Japan)


The vengeful spirits of the Ring and Grudge series face off.


Sadako vs. Kayako has been picked up by Shudder, which will have all North American rights. The duel Horror is directed by Koji Shiraishi and written by Takashi Shimizu and Koji Suzuki. It originally released on June 18, 2016, in Japan. Koji Shiraishi, Koji Shuzuki, Takashi Shimizu. "Sadako vs Kayako"

Press Release

Shudder, the premium horror streaming service backed by AMC Networks, has picked up all North American rights to Sadako vs. Kayako, the crossover of the massive Japanese horror film franchises Ring (remade in the United States as The Ring) and Ju-on (known as The Grudge in the U.S.).

The film is an epic showdown featuring the two iconic demons fighting each other in the ultimate battle of possession. It is scheduled to have its North American premiere at the Toronto  International Film Festival as part of the festival’s “Midnight Madness” genre program.

Sadako vs. Kayako brings two well-known demons from two iconic films together in a Koji Shiraishi, Koji Shuzuki, Takashi Shimizu. Sadako vs Kayako. Hideo Nakata’s Ringu stars Sadako, and Takashi Shimizu’s The Grudge stars Kayako, two vengeful spirits who take their misfortune out on their prey.

Battle movies are starting to become more and more popular today. After Ronny Yu’s Freddy
vs. Jason
, fans of the circuit want to see more movies like that produced.

There are even been suggestions of such films; Michael vs. Jason, Freddy vs. Michael, Chucky vs. Leprechaun. The list goes on, some even becoming kind of comical, such as Pinhead vs. Pennywise.

I think that these films pack a lot of excitement for the fans of the aforementioned Horror villains. We want to see our favorite, iconic villains face-off against each other in a grueling match till the death.

What can be more epic than that? When you place Sadako and Kayako together in a deathmatch, things can, assumingly, get pretty heated and intense if done correctly.

Shudder is a Horror streaming service, similar to Netflix and Hulu, however, it has more variety than the two aforementioned services.

While Netflix and Hulu are more popular amongst audiences, they are more on the tame side than Shudder, which has more of the hard-to-find films that more fans of the grotesque and extreme genres want to see.

Shudder also comes with a free trial. To learn more and subscribe, visit Koji Shiraishi, Koji Shuzuki, Takashi Shimizu. "Sadako vs Kayako"



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