Satanic Conjures Generic Horror Spirits

Satanic Film Details

Director: Jeffrey G. Jeffrey G. Hunt "Satanic"

Writer: Anthony Jaswinski

Release Date: 1 July 2016 (USA)

Release Format: Cinema

MPAA Rating: R

Horror Sub-Genre: Supernatural Horror 


Four friends on their way to Coachella stop off in Los Angeles to tour true-crime occult sites, only to encounter a mysterious young runaway who puts them on a terrifying path to ultimate horror


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Trailer Summary: Jeffrey G. Hunt "Satanic"The trailer opens with a MPAA rating. This notice should be satisfactory for most Horror enthusiasts. Is this a decent R rated Horror movie? Will Jeffrey G. Hunt deliver quality Horror with “Satanic”? We will see won’t we?

The cast of characters is present in the opening frame. Let’s summarize the band of young thrillseekers. We have the refined woman, a cool Asian guy, the jock and the goth chick. The latter portrayed by actress Devanny Pinn. The name of Pinn’s character is…wait for it…Goth. “Satanic” just resonates with creativity from the start doesn’t it?

To the astute viewer, one will notice a missing component to this Horror equation. “Satanic” is a Horror film without an African American as the sacrificial lamb. Interesting. The next scene finds the group of friends sightseeing along Hollywood’s walk of fame. The band embarks on a Satanic tour around the city. A trek before arriving at their final destination at the music festival, Jeffrey G. Hunt "Satanic"

The next scenes find the Jock, David (portrayed by Steven Krueger) in a not so jovial mood. Presumably, David is not interested in engaging in a tour of haunted hotspots. That’s unfortunateIn any event, the tour continues at The Flower Hotel, room two-zero-four to be precise. What’s so special about this particular room? One of the early sisters to Levy’s church of Satan resided in the room. Scary.

the refined woman (portrayed by Sarah Hyland) has doubt on staying in the haunted room. This after engaging on a morbid sightseeing adventure.  Chloe’s protest is overruled by the majority. Democracy in action! Jeffrey G. Hunt "Satanic"Jeffrey G. Hunt’s “Satanic” goes from bad to worse within the following scenes. The group engage in alcoholic beverages by day and play the Ouija board by night. Absolute cliché at its finest.

A mysterious woman joins the group in the hotel room. This occurs somewhere between conjuring spiritual forces and aerial B-footage.  Alice, the mystery woman  (portrayed by Sophie Dalah) leads the group in a séance.

Superimposed onscreen are the words:

“Once the prayer is spoken..”.

A transition to the next scene finds  Alice drawing a pentagram on the wall. The next frame, superimposed onscreen is the following phrase;

“..the deal can never be broken…”

During this montage,  Alice professes her supernatural connection with evil forces. Jeffrey G. Hunt "Satanic"
A medium shot of the hotel room. The group of friends, voyeurs for Alice  as she strips before them. A close up reveals an inverted cross carved into Alice’s torso.

The display offers an intriguing example of scarification. It is evident the mystery woman is about to commit a heinous act. Yet, the group of friends standby with gazes of stupidity.

A scream. Tears flow in the next scene. It is safe to assume the mystery woman commits suicide. Again, idiocracy strikes again. Why didn’t anyone call the police? Instead, the group laments at a gas station. One of the characters suggests the following solution:

“..why don’t we blow this whole thing off and go to Cochella..” Jeffrey G. Hunt "Satanic"Wait? A woman commits suicide, in a hotel room registered to any one of these individuals. The viewer is unsure on what becomes of the cadaver yet the best solution is to go to a music festival. Who wrote this nonsense? The answer is Anthony Jaswinski. A voice over summarizes the course of the film during the final sequence to the trailer. Each of member of the tight-knit group will succumb to supernatural forces. A final message is superimposed onscreen, it reads:

“The devil always keeps his promises” 

The trailer ends with the mysterious woman delivering the following line:

“…Don’t you see we all made the choice”

This is absolutly correct, we all made the choice of not purchasing a ticket to yet another failed attempt at the genre.

In closing

Director Jeffrey G. Hunt offers nothing awe inspiring with visuals. Writer Anthony Jaswinski follows a traditional gimmick to Horror film narration. It is best advisable to wait for the Blu-ray/DVD release. At least at this point if the film disappoints one can walk out and do something with while with time. 



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