Saw: Legacy, The Next Installment is it Necessary?

Saw: Legacy Begins Filming September

Director: TBA

Writer: Josh Stolberg, Pete Goldfinger

Release Date: TBA

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Overview Saw LegacySaw: Legacy has kicked its production into high gear. In February of 2016, talks circulated of, yet, another installment to the Saw franchise. Several months later, we finally get updates on the progress of the production.

In 2004, director James Wan introduced Saw, a chilling Horror, Mystery, Thriller. Two unsuspecting men get abducted and imprisoned in an abandoned, molded bathroom. They soon realize they have become pawns in a ruthless game created by a deranged psychopath, known as “Jigsaw”.

Every installment in the franchise pretty much consists of a similar plot. An unsuspecting victim or a group of victims become pawns in Jigsaw’s deadly game. However, after the third installment, Jigsaw is dead, but yet his legacy lives on.

The legacy consists of seven installments, each one seemingly worse than the last. The most successful installment is the first. After the third installment, when Jigsaw dies, that’s when the franchise really loses it’s way. The directors have tried, unsuccessfully, to reignite the spark.

At what point do we say “enough is enough”? Apparently, today is not that day. Because, here we are, six years after the release of Saw 3D: The Final Chapter and the dormant franchise is still trying to stay afloat with the continuation of the next Saw Legacy

What was reported in February, with the introduction of Saw: Legacy, was that Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger were penning the script for the new installment, with James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the original duo, as the executive producers.

Today, we have a little more information on the progress of the Saw: Legacy production. Production is set to film in Toronto in September of 2016. As reported on IATSE873. Producing the project will be the original Saw franchise producers, Dan Heffner, and Oren Koules. No director have been reported at this time.

The only thing I can be excited about the new installment at this point is the introduction of new traps. The franchise have been long dead for me, but one thing is for certain, the creativity of the traps and devices on the films are worth raving about.

That’s all of the information that is known at this time. Stay tuned for more details.





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