Scars of Xavier, Sets Blu-Ray, DVD Release Date

Scars of Xavier Film Details Kai E. Bogatzki Scars of Xavier


Kai E. Bogatzki


Kai E. Bogatzki,

Marc Engel (storyline)

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Running Time: 1h 30min

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Xavier (Engel) is a quiet 45-year-old man who lives in Prague. By day he works in a car wash service, but by night he is a brutal and vicious serial killer who primarily targets young women… until one day he meets a waitress named Karolina, and suddenly everything changes. Knowing Karolina awakens emotions deep within him that he thought were lost a long time ago. However, these newfound emotions also kick his murderous desires into overdrive, and his urge to kill grows and grows. Can he juggle both aspects of his life, or will it all end in disaster?

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The Psychological Thriller found success during its film festival circulation. The film directed by Kai E. Bogatzki went on to win the Jury Prize for Best Editing at FEARnyc 2017, Nightmares Film Festival Award Best Thriller Feature and a nomination for Best Cinematography Feature at Nightmares Film Festival. Scars of Xavier is unlike traditional slasher films, in fact, it surpasses the distinction with its innovative spotlight on the antagonist. Actor Marc Engel portrayed a remarkable performance of the titular character. With stunning cinematography and a strong narrative Scars of Xavier is a must-see for Horror enthusiast.

Scars of Xavier provides insight into the traumatized psyche of the main character. The title itself implies this poetic complexity of the film. Serial killers in Horror cinema are one-dimensional killing machines with lax backstory and impossible physical attributes. Xavier, the antagonist in Bogatzki’s film encapsulates a tormented soul with violent impulses.

Read our exclusive film review of Scars of Xavier published back in November 2017. After its film festival run Kai E. Bogatzki’s film now arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD. The release date is March 5th, 2019 via Kai E. Bogatzki Scars of Xavier


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