Scythe, Needs Help to Reach Crowdfunding Goal

Scythe, Jim Rothman’s indie slasher film is nearing its final hours on Kickstarter. To be precise, only thirty-six hours remain before the crowdfunding campaign ends.  This crucial moment is available to offer contributions towards an innovative Horror concept. Every dollar amount is of importance.

Why should you contribute towards the production of “Scythe”? The answer is quite simple. The current state of the Horror genre is in disarray. The majority of films issued by Hollywood are template based. Slasher films offer the typical set-up with basic story structure and poor character development. Do we as Horror connoisseurs want to endure another pathetic PG-13 Horror film?

Jim Rothman’s “Scythe” aims to redefine the slasher subgenre. Rothman plans on offering structured characters and an iconic villain. The film will focus on complex storyline while avoiding blood splatter eye candy. Here’s what Jim Rothman stated to our question about the latter. Speaking of Slaughtering. It’s also reported that “Scythe” will have no partnership with gore-centric visuals. A Slasher film without gore, why go this route?

Jim Rothman:

Our focus is on fear, suspense, and intensity. There will be blood. After all it is a slasher film. But for me, there is nothing more gripping, more enticing, than not knowing what it is going to happen in a film, which I serve through story. Gore has been overdone quite a bit. We’ve seen the arms fly, the guts spill out, the brains eaten, it’s just done too much. You can have a great slasher film without gore. Look at Halloween: Greatest slasher film of all time in my opinion, and a strong influence for SCYTHE, and barely any blood in it at all.

The video below is the short film “Scythe”. This production served as a promotional tool for prospective crowdfunding backers.  Also, the short film received critical acclaim on the film festival circuit.

Visit the “Scythe” Kickstarter and offer your support. Also, be sure to let them know is your referral source.


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