Secret Santa, To Ring in The Holidays From Wild Eye Releasing

Secret Santa Film Details Mike McMurran Secret Santa

Director: Mike McMurran

Writer: Mike McMurran

Release Date: 13th of December

Release Format: DVD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror 

Running Time: 1h 18min 


Secret Santa is a feature length film that tells the story of a group of eccentric college kids, struggling to get through the hectic exam period. This Horror/Comedy is a tribute to B-Movie Slashers but also takes the conventions and turns them upside down. A liquor filled party is planned. Adding a Secret Santa exchange for fun. Little do our characters know… A killer is in town and has a special present for all the good (and bad) girls and boys. Dare to open your present? It might be your last!

Overview Mike McMurran Secret SantaOver the past five years filmmaker, Mike McMurran has established himself in the Horror genre. McMurran, a Director, Writer, and Editor delivered two short films. Secret Santa marks the full feature release for McMurran. For the film he serves as both director and writer.

Earlier this week Wild Eye Releasing announced the DVD and Digital HD release for Secret Santa. Set your calendars Horror enthusiasts, the date is set for the 13th of December 2016.

Holiday themed Horror films are not uncommon. Yet, these films do compliment the winter festivities. Secret Santa is marketed as;

….a bloodsoaked love letter to classic holiday horror and slasher films from the 1970s and 80s.

The above excerpt is according to a press release DecayMag received this week. McMurran indeed delivers the hallmarks of an 80’s slasher Horror film. The formula includes; a group of college kids, a liquor-filled Christmas party, and a demented serial killer.

Be sure to view the trailer embedded above. From the promotional video, it is easy to note the classic Horror film aesthetics. Humour and gore are the co-stars to McMurran’s film.

The DVD release of Secret Santa includes a feature-length commentary with Mike McMurran. A behind-the-scenes documentary will be an added feature.


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