Seraph Films Horror Short Film Screenplay Contest


Seraph Films: Inaugural Short Film Screenplay Contest

Seraph Films: Seeking New Talent For Anthology Series


Have you written a short screenplay, or want to write a short screenplay with an opportunity to have your work filmed and produced? Well, now you can.

Seraph Films launches their Inaugural Short Film Screenplay Contest with a call to aspiring Horror/Thriller writers. The competition is in correlation to Seraph Films’ popular Horror Haiku web series. It offers all writers a chance to have their projects come to life. Seraph Films

Seraph Films invites you to search the darkest depths of your soul and share with us your… HAIKU! Yes, that’s right, we’re turning horror into haiku, and haiku into video. Post your comments below and we’ll pick our favorites to transmogrify into a short video.

You might see your poem starring as the title of our latest short film! Haiku – a short poem, of Japanese origin, having a meter of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables.

Horror Haiku is a weekly short Horror anthology YouTube series that started in 2013. It currently has a total of 5 seasons and 47 episodes, all the ideas of aspiring writers.

If you would like the chance to be the next voice of Horror Haiku, simply visit Seraph Films official site to enter the competition.

It looks like a fine day for aspiring writers and filmmakers. Directors have been popping up left and right, bringing much-deserved attention to aficionados of the Horror industry. After a long dormant scene, directors are now looking to the fans and audiences to show their undying support for the Horror circuit with their ideas.

Now, as a fan or audience, you have the chance to take it one step further towards affirmative action, as well as towards the director’s chair.

This is a Horror-Thriller focused competition. Submitted scripts will be assessed by Seraph’s development team and narrowed down to quarter-finalists, semi-finalists, and finalists.

The winner will have their script produced by the Seraph Films team with a red carpet premiere at Seraph’s Halloween Film Night next year.

  • Early Deadline – Nov 1st, 2016 – $30 / $25 Student
  • Regular Deadline – Dec 15th, 2016 – $35 / $30 Student
  • Late Deadline – Jan 15th, 2017 – $45 / $35 Student
  • Last Chance Deadline – Jan 31st, 2017 – $55 / $45 Student

For more information and to enter the competition, visit Seraph Films official site.

Some of the films Seraph Films have produced are Bereavement, Indictment, Visions, Among The Shadows, Two Wolves, The Hole, and The Art of Murder.

About Seraph Films

Seraph Films was founded by Director Gene Blalock. This independent production company is more than a production company. It is a gathering of like-minded artists, entrepreneurs, and financiers who believe that investing in talent, particularly in pursuit of shared passion projects, is a viable and winning strategy.

Our team members work together to create thoughtful, intelligent, and unique entertainment. Filmmakers come first, and story and character are always our top priority. We have developed relationships with talented actors, including members of SAG, and crew to create unique and interesting films.


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