Sherlock vs Frankenstein Gallery Unveiled

Sherlock vs Frankenstein is the latest entry into the craze of horror film cross overs. The (fill in blank) versus (fill in blank) type of films seems to be popping up more frequently now more than ever. Either the mere notion seems marketable across A, B, C and D list movie categories or there’s an actual niche for these type of movies. The film, as with most indie films in today’s market was funded through crowdfunding sources. The crowdfunding campaign was successfully completed, reaching a staggering 117% in donations. Guess that does solidify the  fact that films such as “Sherlock vs Frankenstein” do have a cult following.

Its no surprise “Sherlock vs Frankenstein” got the attention it did, as it features two of the most recognized names in horror literature. Directed and co-written by Gautier Cazenave and co-written by Stephen Marians the film “Sherlock vs Frankenstein” is summarized as follows:

Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective in the world, faces a menace right out of classic horror films… The cast includes Hammer Horror actor Shane Briant and real-life baron Clement von Franckenstein. We know the project has been out for a while, but rest assured we will have no peace until it reaches the screen.

The official synopsis to the film, “Sherlock vs Frankenstein” reads as follows:

1898. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson travel to Germany to investigate a strange case in the village of Darmstadt.
Who is the mysterious figure who digs up corpses and steals their limbs? Could these events be related to the nearby presence of Castle Frankenstein, whose name is closely associated to Mary Shelley’s horror novel ? Everyone is a suspect…

To get a sense of how the film is turning out several movie stills, and the movie poster were uploaded to the “Sherlock vs Frankenstein” official Facebook page. It looks intriguing, can’t wait for the trailer to emerge, just to get a sense of how the film will look.





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