Sickhouse: The Shocking Snapchat Docu-Horror

Sickhouse Film Details 

Director: Hannah Macpherson

Writer: Hannah Macpherson

Release Date: June 1, 2016


“A group of teenagers film a live documentary on the Sickhouse legend to millions around the world.”


Overview Hannah Macpherson's SickhouseIn late April, a group of teenagers embarked on a terrifying five-day journey. The teens, surprisingly, filmed a movie that would shock the world. On June 1, 2016, Hannah Macpherson and Indigenous Media unveiled a completed live documentary.

What’s shocking is the fact that this film was completely staged and filmed on iPhones and uploaded onto Snapchat. People thought they were viewing images and videos normally seen on Snapchat. Audiences would discover, that what they were seeing is an actual film. 

What is Snapchat?  Here is a brief description for those unfamiliar with this relatively new program. Snapchat is a social media outlet. Just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, only it merges all of those into one. So, you have the photos aspect of Instagram, combined with the merging of videos and storytelling aspect of Facebook, and at the speed of Twitter. By default, you have about 3 seconds to view a Snapchat photo, and a little longer to view a video, unless the Snapchatter sets a timer to restrict to a longer time.

The “Sickhouse” Details

A bunch of teens decide they want to look into some urban legend, then head to the woods in search of it. Terror ensues; teens make out and die; and the whole thing is caught on shaky handheld camera, blurring the perception of fact into the vehicle of fiction.

“Sickhouse” director and writer Hannah Macpherson is no stranger to film production. Macpherson is known for “True Grit” and “The Book of Eli”. So, here we have a group of curious and anxious teenagers, a camera, cell phones, open nature, and a world of opportunity. The group of teenagers ventures off into the woods, find the Sick House, and film an urban legend.

Contained in the “Sickhouse” official movie site is the backstory; “Legend of Sickhouse & Sick wife”. Given the authentic nature of the project, combined with the found footage aspect, I decided to do a search to see if there was anything that inspired this film, or anything about the characters Charlotte and Joseph Bowman, but there is nothing that relates to those characters. I think it’s safe to say that “Sickhouse” is 100% fiction, 100% authentic, and 100% original.

In the time where social media has become a dominant form of communicating, filmmaking is turning a new leaf. Who would have known you could film a full feature film completely on social media? Hannah Macpherson shows you how it’s done.

You can stream and watch “Sickhouse” from the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • AppleTV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast


Sickhouse  Official Site



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