Sinister Nicky, UK Indie Comedy, Horror Seeks Support

Sinister Nicky, if funded aims to offer an entertaining blend of Comedy and Horror. The film derives its source of influence and in turn pay homage to slasher films of yesteryear. “Sinister Nicky” is a UK based production created between Edward Harvey and Steven Brown.  The duo collaborated on directorial and writing duties on the film.

“Sinister Nicky” is not in theaters, nor is it available on DVD/Blu-Ray…yet. The creative team behind this film are seeking public support to cover production costs. “Sinister Nicky” is latest project from Enigmatic Productions. Currently, the idea resides on crowdfunding platform; Indiegogo.

Vital time is ticking away, only sixty hours remain before the crowdfunding campaign ends. (Based on the time of this published article.) Without further ado here’s a brief summary on the Comedy, Horror “Sinister Nicky”.

The overview to the film “Sinister Nicky” reads as follows:

“…. soft-centered bruiser, Bill and his wife Helen, who experience strange goings on in their home after acquiring a sinister-looking garden gnome named Nicky. It’s clear from the get go that Bill has a deep fear of gnomes, and when Helen leaves Bill alone with their new little friend, that’s when things take a turn for the worst!”

Why Crowdfunding?

Sinister Nicky Pie Chart

As with any indie production money is the key that opens doors to possibilities. Edward Harvey and Steven Brown hope to raise enough funds for various aspects on the project. According to the Indiegogo campaign the team hopes to incorporate a certain cinematic feel on the film. To create the “beautiful 35mm filmic look” special equipment are required.

Also, funds collected will go towards casting, ambiance and most importantly sound editing. Music play a huge role in creating  the right mood in horror films. In terms of a soundtrack the production team have enlisted the musical talents of Max Auton (aka Kliptikz).

The image provided above reflects how funds obtained through the crowdfunding campaign will be divided in “Sinister Nicky” project.

“Sinister Nicky” will star Jenn DayStefan AutonAndy Illsley Sinister Nicky

As mentioned before, “Sinister Nicky” is the next project from Enigmatic Productions. The production team are seeking financial backing from the horror community. It is through these generous contribution that the Indie scene can prosper and flourish.  If you’re interested in contributing head on over to the Indiegogo Crowdfunding profile page. Be sure to view the “Sinister Nicky” Crowdfunding pitch furnished below.

Be sure to follow up to the minute progress via their dedicated social network platforms.



Enigmatic Productions Facebook. 


Sinister Nicky Crowdfunding Pitch


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