Solus, Paranormal Indie Film On Horizon

Solus: Crowdfunding Campaign Details

Director: Rachel M. Taylor

Writer: Rachel M. Taylor

Crowdfunding Platform: Seed and Spark

Release Format: TBA

Horror Sub-Genre: Fantasy-Thriller

Release Date: TBA

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“Solus”, a Fantasy-Thriller by Rachel M. Taylor, is currently in development. The crowdfunding campaign is in full effect. The production team has currently reached $3,085 of the campaign’s goal of $9,874 and still has about 34 days left of the campaign.

The Details

“Solus” is the story of Lulu, a young girl who is enslaved to a house of the underworld where she is forced to lure souls to feed to the house. Only when she delivers the most valuable soul will she be released into the underworld to rescue her father from eternal punishment. It explores oppression, guilt and isolation in the rich setting of the traditional gothic ghost story intermingled with elements of fantasy and suspense.

As in my first dark fantasy, “Avarice,” this film is a testament to the deep dedication of the team members working on the project. Elaborate settings, the clever use of practical and digital effects, meticulously planned cinematography, and the fascinating exploration of humanity through the eyes of a very talented cast are only the beginning. With each passing day, the possibilities of the story and the world grow, and we continue to challenge ourselves to deliver the most impactful and entertaining film that we can.

The Team


Rachel M. Taylor: Writer/Director (“Avarice”, 2012)

Brighid Wheeler: Producer


Chad Irwin: Art Director (“Lights Camera Bullshit”)

Eric Quick: Prosthetic Artist (“After Light”)

Bob Friedstand: Visual Effects Artist (“Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, “I Was A Zombie For The FBI”)

Terri Scott: Illustrator

Stephen L. Hildreth: Director of Photography (“Brain Maggots From Outer Space”, “The Sleeper”)

Kelley Sullivan: Concept Artist (“Avarice”)

Sarah Hascher-Nowlin: Production Designer (“John Gray”)

Duane P. Craig: Special Effects Supervisor (“Race With The Devil”, “Girl In Woods”)


Kenton Smith: Composer (“Daylight Fades”, “Avarice”)


Joseph Carr: Actor: “Mark” (“How To Skin A Cat”)

Syderek Watson: Actor: “The Conductor” (“Lights Camera Bullshit”, “Broke Dick Dog”)

Haley Parker: Actress: “LuLu” (“Avarice”, “Jen + Moss”)


Angela Parker: Fundraising/Marketing Assistant

Chad Barton: Fundraising/Marketing Assistant

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The Perks

There are perks and benefits for those who chose to back and support the “Solus” crowdfunding campaign. The donation price outlets range from $5 to $1,000, and based on your choice, benefits, and incentives range from:

$5: “1st Circle: Limbo”, where you will receive a big thank you from the production team,


$1,000: “9th Circle: Treachery”, where you enjoy high-level benefits, such as being donned executive producer of “Solus”, and invitation on the production set, and an invitation to the cast/crew party, just to highlight the major perks in this selection. This “Circle” also have several other incentives. 

All donations will go towards the production costs of “Solus”. To learn more information and support the “Solus” production, visit:

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Social Media Outlets

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SOLUS Crowdfunding Campaign


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