Movie Name: Some Kind of Hate

Release Date: 18 September 2015 (USA)

Release: DVD, Blue-Ray, VOD

Horror Subgenre: Revenge, Supernatural


A bullied teenager is sent to a reform school where he accidentally summons the spirit of a girl, herself a victim of bullying, who takes vengeance on his tormentors. (Excerpt from IMDB)



Since the inception of horror cinema, the infusion of social commentary has had a pivotal role in the genre. Racism, segregation and other psychosocial dilemmas were used as creative derivatives to many horror films. Today the subject of bullying  and its various forms thereof have gained national attention, this despite its decades old existence. Prevalent are reports of bullying by the media, accounts more often posses a tragic ending. Victims unable to deal with the harassment and/or void of solutions end the torment by suicide. As if on cue, activists respond by utilizing social media conventions to campaign against bullying. The social issue unfortunately continues despite education and prevention.

The 2015 supernatural horror film; “Some Kind of Hate” engages the audience with a villainous portrayal of bullying , but falls short on emotional bond between the film’s characters and the audience. “Some Kind of Hate”, albeit a derivative in the revenge concept, is a welcome addition to the horror sub-genre.

“Some Kind of Hate” Movie Analysis

some-kind-of-hate-decaymag movie analysis


The protagonist of the film, “Some Kind of Hate” is Lincoln Taggert, a troubled, antisocial teen and object of ridicule by his alcoholic father and peers.  Interactions between Lincoln Taggert and the aforementioned oppressors are presented within the opening act of “Some Kind of Hate”. Much as the case in real life, Lincoln Taggert’s feebleness invites abuse by his tormentors. However, Lincoln Taggert finally defends himself against his oppressor during an altercation at school. Although the vigilantism was merited, the action results in Lincoln Taggert’s incarceration at a new age Juvenile reforment camp bizarrely named; Mind’s Eye Academy.

Unfortunately, Lincoln Taggert’s new-found home pins him against another set of adversaries led by thuggish adolescent, Willie. Taunts begin soon after Lincoln Taggart’s roommate, Isaac divulges among curious inmates the circumstance behind Taggert’s incarceration. A subplot is also introduced, in the form of Taggert’s interest with Kaitlin, a girl presumed to be Willie’s girlfriend.

“Some Kind of Hate” continues with the protagonist being “tested” by his new found oppressors. Basically, the bullies armed with the premise that Lincoln Taggert is a tough guy are now taunting Taggert to fight. The shift in the story-line to the film, “Some Kind of Hate” occurs during a late night rendezvous at Kaitlin’s cabin. After Lincoln Taggert gives a soul pouring monologue, Kaitlin replies to the emotionally defeated Taggert:

“You have to fight him, Willie.. You need to take him down it in front of his it once and he’ll crumble”

The advice doesn’t work out well for the protagonist. A bad altercation ensues between Lincoln Taggert and the group of bullies. Fleeing the scene in cowardice and defeat, Lincoln Taggert stumbles unto a basement storage facility. Fueled with hate and disappointment, Lincoln Taggert conjures the vengeful spirit of Moira, a victim of bullying herself when mortal.  


“Some Kind of Hate” co-writers; Brian DeLeeuw and Adam Egypt Mortimer successfully crafted the series of events. However, aside from the injustice and psychological abuse Lincoln Taggert suffers, the character’s backstory lacks substance. Indeed, the audience may feel outraged towards Taggert’s situation but a bond with the protagonist is completely absent. For example, at one point in the film Lincoln Taggert  states that the lighter he carries belonged to his mom. The comment is void of emotion. The audience doesn’t know what happen to Lincoln Taggert’s mother. For all we know, Taggert could have stolen the lighter.  

Ronen Rubenstein portrays the character of Lincoln Taggert with a one dimensional approach. Rubenstein remains in shelter of his role as a helpless emo adolescent even as the vengeful phantasm, Moira runs rampant at the Mind’s Eye Academy.  

Grace Phipps  portrayal of supporting character, Kaitlin was enjoyable. However the character seems to be a walking contradiction. Firstly, Kaitlin confesses she hates bullies, but is associated with a group of them. A former cheerleader bad-girl who was a “cutter” reveals her deep dark secret towards the midpoint of the film. This is where we discover she was a bully herself but is now reformed. Please disregard Kaitlin’s history as a bully because somehow she conjures the anti-bully phantasm, Moira to partake in a masochistic fetish session.

The Mind’s Eye Academy has a nefarious history and the local authority is in conjunction with the program director in keeping it a secret. This approach may have had solidity in a different era but it is extremely far fetched in today’s society. The juveniles incarcerated at the camp are portrayed as disposable outcasts of society.


The highlight of “Some Kind of Hate” is Sierra McCormick’s portrayal of the anti-bully phantasm, Moira. McCormick captures the essence of a tortured soul, infusing the supernatural element of the film with intimidating grace. Moira is not cast as the vengeful entity most commonly seen in Asian horror films. Instead, Moira loosely mirrors the concept from the James O’Barr graphic novel.

The effects team for the film,“Some Kind of Hate” executed  phenomenal presentation of gore. Practical and special effects were subtle enough to be of enjoyment. At times gallons of blood or hours on After Effects is not necessary to enhance the horrifying factor of a film. Careful emphasis was employed  in creating the look and feel of the carnage portrayed in the film,“Some Kind of Hate”. 

Adam Egypt Mortimer did an excellent job on converting “Some Kind of Hate” from screenplay to motion picture. Despite character flaws, the film “Some Kind of Hate” conveys powerful insight,  serving as a form of activism against bullying. Suicide, depression, rebellion, angst and self mutilation are tragic repercussions associated with bullying and are presented adequately in “Some Kind of Hate”


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