Sorgenfri, “What We Become” Astonishing Modern Zombie Film

Sorgenfri, (What We Become) Film Bo Mikkelsen's Sorgenfri What We Become

Original title: Sorgenfri

Director:  Bo Mikkelsen

Writer: Bo Mikkelsen

Release Date:  31 March 2016 (Denmark)

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Thriller


“A family of four is quarantined in their home as a virulent strand of the flu spreads into town and they are forced to the extreme to escape alive.”

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“What We Become” (aka “Sorgenfri”) is the latest induction to the zombie Horror theme. Bo Mikkelsen choreographed a tension-filled spectacle of carnage. Mikkelsen explores Horror that doesn’t center on carnivorous cadavers. The focus is Mankind is the villain in this scenario. In today’s world, the threat of a police state is an ever present reality. Military quarantine is not a work of fiction but a realistic possibility.

“What We Become” (aka “Sorgenfri”) is light on scares. The formula is not centered on gore and fright. Offered within Mikkelse’s film is a dramatization of the human survival. “What We Become” (aka “Sorgenfri”) has a running time of one-hour twenty-five-minutes.


“What We Become” (aka “Sorgenfri”) offers a terrifying glimpse to a real life scenario. The characters are  structured with excellence. The underlying storylines are also an added bonus. From a the teen romance to the distrust between to lovers each sub-plot is set as stories of it own.

The acting is phenomenal. “What We Become” (aka “Sorgenfri”) is an amazing visual experience. Bo Mikkelsen created a production that modernizes the time-tested zombie concept. “What We Become” (aka “Sorgenfri”) offers edge-of-your-seat tension. The film provokes thought via the artistic representation of human nature and conflict. It is amazing how accurate this work of fiction relays modern circumstances. Bo Mikkelsen puts media conspiracy and cover-ups in center stage. Another fighting circumstance is the stripping of human rights. Bo Mikkelsen excels in presenting  elements of love, distrust, and loyalty. Each emotion occurs in full force.


“What We Become” (aka “Sorgenfri”), does not offer anything new in the infected/zombie spectrum. This is unfortunate. Bo Mikkelsen delivers an impressive film set on setting tension.  Yet, the formula is an emulated execution. Most Horror enthusiasts will recognize the tonality offered within “What We Become” (aka “Sorgenfri”). The story narrative mirrors

The story narrative mirrors George A. Romero’s 1973 zombie film. Romero’s film is set against the backdrop of a small Pennsylvania town. The focus? A viral outbreak grips the area and results in its immediate quarantine . Paul McCollough and Romero wrote the script in a collaborative effort. Some may be familiar with the 2010 reboot to this particular film. A production directed by Breck Eisner based on the script  written by Scott Kosar and Ray Wright.

In closing:

“What We Become” (aka “Sorgenfri”) offers a fresh perspective for casual Horror movie aficionados. Yet, equal merit is not presented for those familiar with the zombie Horror sub-genre. Mikkelsen’s film offers nothing new. “What We Become” (aka “Sorgenfri”) does provide a frightening perspective into human drama.  While viewing the film the immediate thought lies on if this scenario can occur in today’s society. The plot has a reinforcement of a complex cast of characters. In conclusion, Bo Mikkelsen’s “What We Become” (aka “Sorgenfri”) is a must see!

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