Species Franchise Releases on Blu-Ray via Scream Factory

Species, the cult classic Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller franchise will be arriving on Blu-Ray. The release is courtesy of Scream Factory. All three Blu-Ray releases are set for March 8th 2016.   “Species II” will be a available as a stand alone release. “Species III and “Species IV: The Awakening” will a double feature Blu-Ray set.  “Species II”  released in 1998.  Peter Medak served as director to the film. “Species III” released in 2004. Brad Turner would direct the third installment to the series. The final entry to the franchise directed by Nick Lyon  is “Species IV: The Awakening”. The film released in 2007.  Preorders are currently accepted on Amazon.com

Official synopsis to “Species II”

Having just returned from a mission to Mars, Commander Ross (Justin Lazard) isn’t exactly himself. He’s slowly becoming a terrifying alien entity with a one-track mind – to procreate with human women!

When countless women suffer gruesome deaths after bearing half-alien offspring, scientist Laura Baker and hired assassin Press Lennox (Michael Madsen) use Eve (Natasha Henstridge, Species), a more tempered alien clone, to find Ross and his virulent brood. But they underestimate Eve’s maternal drive, and before long she escapes to mate with Ross in order to create a purer and unstoppable race that could spell doom for mankind.

Official synopsis to “Species III”

In the ongoing fight for supremacy between mankind and human-alien hybrids, a fatal weakness among the hybrids has given humans the advantage… until now. When Sara (Sunny Mabrey), the daughter of Eve (Natasha Henstridge, Species), is born, she develops into the most genetically perfect alien form yet! Seeking to repopulate Earth with her kind, this dangerously beautiful femme fatale heeds an overwhelming drive to mate… while a crack military team trails her in an attempt to end the war between the two species forever!

Official synopsis to “Species IV: The Awakening”

When brilliant college professor Miranda Hollander (Helena Mattsson, American Horror Story) suffers a mysterious blackout and awakens amid the bloody aftermath of a mass slaughter, she turns to her uncle for answers. But when he reveals the shocking truth…that she’s only half human, a clone from a hybrid of human and alien DNA, they must flee to Mexico to locate the scientist who created her. Soon they find themselves locked in battle with a horde of rampaging, unstoppable hybrids…and time is running out before Miranda will inevitably surrender to the killer instinct that lurks inside her own body!


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