Stomping Ground, Dan Riesser’s Feature Debut. 

Stomping Ground Film Overview 

Director:  Dan Riesser

Writer: Andrew GenserDan Riesser

Release Date:  March 8th 2016

Release Format: DVD and Video-On-Demand

MPAA Rating: R

Horror Sub-Genre: Comedy, Horror Cryptozoological

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Ben & Annie are a young couple on a weekend trip to Annie’s small North Carolina hometown who, after meeting a charming old friend, embark on an impromptu ‘Bigfoot hunt’ that threatens both their relationship and their lives.

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Stomping Ground is the story of Ben and Annie, a young couple on a weekend trip to Annie’s small North Carolina hometown. The film is a slow burner with the first thirty minutes reflecting on the young couple.  Actor John Bobek and Actress Tarah DeSpain portray the characters, respectively. Add an extra thirty minutes of interaction between the cast of characters. This time the group treks through the woods offering more interaction, more quirky comedy. The film looses its Horror edge as it centers on antics, history and “Bigfoot” beliefs of the characters.

The action doesn’t begin until the sun goes down. To offer a precise time frame, that’s one hour into the film. The viewer falls as a voyeuristic victim to the typical “hunter stalks prey” application. This is a classic presentation used many times over in creature horror films.


Writers Andrew Genser and Dan Riesser chose a cryptozoological concept as a Horror centerpiece. The overall approach is appealing. These stories are rarely used as a sub genre focus.  The fact that these crypto-mythological creatures may exist enhances the Terrifying experience to these films.

The cinematography work is phenomenal. The production crew did great work dealing with an unstable working environment such as a forest.


The slow pace of the film makes the experience less than entertaining. Frights lack delivery and substance. The main cast offer a less than stellar performance. The creature effects are poorly rendered. Once the final reveal is presented the viewer is treated to an actor in an elaborate gorilla suit. Perhaps that was a ghillie suit? In either case it wasn’t a proper rendition of a Sasquatch.

DVD Video On Demand Information

Limited edition DVDs, which include an 11×17 poster signed by the cast and crew, can be pre-ordered directly from The film is also available on Amazon. It will be available digitally from Amazon Prime and Google Play on March 8th, with additional VOD outlets to follow. The film is available for Cinema-On-Demand screenings through Tugg.

DVD Special Features

  • 11×17 Poster Autographed by Cast & Crew ( exclusive, limited to 100)
  • Audio Commentary by Writer-Director Dan Riesser and Stars John Bobek & Tarah DeSpain
  • Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Trailer

UPDATE: 4th of March 2016

Stomping Ground cast and crew members – including Riesser and Tilly – will celebrate the film’s release with a signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA on March 8th at 7pm. The cast and crew will also be in attendance for aspecial screening of the film at Laemmle’s Playhouse 7 in Pasadena, CA on March 10th at 7:30pm.

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