Strange Nature Spawns Environmental Issues With Thriller Prose

Strange Nature Film Details  Jim Ojala Strange Nature

Director: Jim Ojala

Writer: Jim Ojala

Release Date: September 22nd, 2018

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Thriller

Running Time: 1 hr 40 mins

Social Networking: Facebook


A full-length feature film based on a true unsolved ecological mystery where thousands of hideously deformed frogs turned up in the waters of Minnesota. The film is an “Ecological Thriller” as seen through the eyes of a single mother and her 11-year old son, who reluctantly return to her small hometown to be with her dying father and find themselves fighting for their own lives.


Horror cinema is known for its emphasis on social commentary. In James Ojala’s feature film debut he pulls no punches in presenting audiences with an eye-opening presentation on a town plagued by animal mutations, and birth defects. Yet, the material offered in the one hour forty minute film is a clever blend of the imagination and fact.

On DecayMag Podcast Season 2 Episode 2 We present an exclusive interview with James Ojala regarding the true-life events that shaped the storyline for his feature film.  Jim Ojala Strange Nature


Strange Nature is a long-awaited film not only in the Horror cinema, one that marries a thought-provoking material against Horror fiction. The script is smart, clever and provides well-structured character arcs. The protagonist, Kim Sweet has a down-to-earth persona that audiences can relate to. Her back-story encompasses the traditional Pheonix rising from the ashes scenario in which a shattered one-hit wonder musician turned single-mother tries to piece her life together. The protagonist, Kim Sweet has support with noteworthy characters that spawn interesting sub-plots of their own.

The storyline has originality and redefining qualities in every aspect of the production. Beginning with the practical effects and moving into the social commentary Ojala created an amazing work of Horror cinema art. There are few films that capture true story headline news and incorporate it well into a work of fiction. In most cases, distributors and/or marketing teams stamp the based on a true story tagline on Horror films to generate interest. Strange Nature does not offer this false advertising as it has facts influencing the plot.

Chuck, portrayed by actor Bruce Bohne and Brody portrayed by actor Jonah Beres complimented actress Lisa Sheridan as lead with exceptional standards. The on-screen chemistry between this fictional small knit family felt believable, and this presentation was most welcome

Another winning aspect to Strange Nature comes in the form of its cinematography work. Each scene promotes individuality, tonality and reinforces itself as a supporting character.  Jim Ojala Strange Nature

In Conclusion

While Strange Nature does not approach as a traditional jump-scare infused Horror film a solid storyline, artistic practical effects and social commentary are its compliments. Overall Ojala made an impactful debut feature film with Strange Nature, a film that will solidify itself as a cult classic.


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