Strange Septembers Explores Classic UFO Encounters

Strange Septembers: The Hill Abduction & the Exeter Encounter Film Details

Director: Jeff Finn Jess Finn

Writer: Jeff Finn

Release Date: 1st of April 2016

Release Format: Video On Demand/ Digital Download

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Documentary

Unofficial Synopsis:

Strange Septembers explores two famous UFO encounters. One being the 1961 abduction of Betty and Barney Hill. The second is the 1965 UFO Exeter Encounter.

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Editor’s note: “Strange Septembers  is a documentary on Ufology . Unlike the traditional film formats this medium not receive our trademark percentage rating system. 

“Strange Septembers: The Hill Abduction & the Exeter Encounter” is the latest documentary on Ufology. Husband and wife team; Jeff Finn and Jess Finn directs the film under the Z-Machine banner. “Strange Septembers” is a different medium from films reviewed here at First, this will mark our first review on a documentary medium. Also, “Strange Septembers” is our first review on media covering UFO phenomena.  As an avid UFO enthusiast, this was a thrilling opportunity.

“Strange Septembers” explores two well documented and much discussed events in UFO research. Topics covered are the 1965 mass sighting that occurred in Exeter, New Hampshire. Also presented is a compelling look into the alien abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. Much of the material presented in “Strange Septembers” is nothing unexplored.  Yet, for new enthusiasts these historic events will serve interest.

Television series dealing with UFO phenomena have presented the topics listed above. These televised productions have increased in popularity. Jeff Finn and Jess Finn offer a presentation just over ninety minutes in length. Their production mirrors UFO television series in terms of format. “Strange Septembers” offers interviews, reference material and re-enactments. Opinions are blended with facts, providing a foundation for discussion. The highlight of the film is the narration by Peter Weller.

“Strange Septembers” is a Z-Machine and Secret Handshake Entertainment Production.

The list of interviewees are:

  • James Earl Jones: Actor, Barney Hill, The UFO Incident
  • Estelle Parsons: Actress, Betty Hill, The UFO Incident
  • Stanton Friedman: Author; ufologist; nuclear physicist; civilian researcher responsible for reopening the Roswell Incident
  • Kathleen Marden: Author; lecturer; MUFON Director of Field Investigator Training (Emeritus); niece of Betty and Barney Hill
  • Thomas Muscarello: Brother of Norman Muscarello, the primary eyewitness to the Exeter Encounter
  • Judd Fuller: Son of John G. Fuller, author of The Interrupted Journey andIncident at Exeter
  • Dean Merchant: Organizer, Exeter UFO Festival; founder, Exeter UFO Hall of Fame; historian; author
  • John P. Oswald: UFO researcher; author; former NICAP investigator; confidant to Betty Hill
  • Lt. Alan Brandt: Former United States Air Force Lieutenant
  • Jean Hamilton: UFO eyewitness; friend of Norman Muscarello
  • Ted Loder, PhD: Former Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of New Hampshire; co-author, The Disclosure Project
  • William E. Ross: Professor and Head, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire
  • Valerie Cunningham: Principal, African-American Resource Center, NH; author; friend of Betty and Barney Hill
  • Col. George Rubin: Former United States Army Colonel
  • Steve Firmani: Founder and Director, New England MUFON
  • Joel Brown: Freelance writer; author


“Strange Septembers: The Hill Abduction & the Exeter Encounter” not only sheds light on two defining moments in UFO history. The film also delves into other topics. Presented within the latter part of the film are UFO incidents surrounding the area of New Hampshire. Theories, suspicion and conspiracy are blended superbly within the the presentation.

The volume of notable names in the field of Ufology are a key attraction for the film. Actor James Earl Jones’ input on the Betty and Barney Hill abduction and Ufology in general is refreshing. Peter Weller’s narration adds introspective and tonality to the overall production.


“Strange Septembers: The Hill Abduction & the Exeter Encounter” lacks in the production. This is unfortunate. Visual aesthetics are amateurish and are centered on unorthodox camera angles and poor lighting. Abrupt edits and unstable camera recordings appear in the final cut. Interview sessions suffered from the lack of proper sound recording. The audio quality sounds as if guests weren’t equipped with microphones. From a production stand point “Strange Septembers” falls short.

Final Thoughts:

“Strange Septembers” is a documentary that delves into historic accounts of Ufology. The film as with most paranormal themed mediums open a forum for debate. The thought-provoking topics may interest those unfamiliar with UFO culture. For UFO enthusiasts “Strange Septembers” serves as an extra source of information. The lack of production quality gives the film a sub-amateurish aesthetic.

“Strange Septembers” makes a great addition as a UFO informational medium. The film is best experienced as an audio cast. The visuals serve little of importance.  Interest should be invested in the film’s audio component. The historic accounts, interviews, and narration is the integral aspect of “Strange Septembers”.



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