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Strangers 2, The. Overview

The Strangers delved on the home invasion concept in an impressive way. Home invasion films is a Horror sub-genre that reflects realistic scenarios. These films do not feature monsters or supernatural entities as the opposing force. Instead, the conflict features man versus man in a battle for survival. Relativity The Strangers 2 2016

The Strangers Released in 2008. Bryan Bertino served as director and writer on the production. The synopsis reads as follows: 

A young couple staying in an isolated vacation home are terrorized by three unknown assailants.

Most in the film community consider The Strangers a sleeper hit. Here’s the reason for the classification;

• The budget for The Strangers was $ 9 million

• Earned $20,997,985 on opening weekend:

• The domestic total gross; $52,597,610

• The Foreign total gross; $29,793,535

• The total worldwide gross; $82,391,145

After the box office success talks and rumors circulated on a possible sequel. Today, the official word was finally released about the long-awaited sequel. Bryan Bertino The Strangers

The Strangers 2 facts

According to the press release, The Strangers 2 begins development. Finally, the continuation of this frightening storyline will come to fruition! Here is the round up of the production:

Berlin-based production and financing outfit, Bloom acquired the international rights to The Strangers 2. Slated to direct will be  Johannes RobertsBryan Bertino and
Ben Ketai will collaborate on penning the script. The production team is as follows: 

Wayne Marc Godfrey … producer
Ken Halsband … executive producer
James Harris … producer
Robert Jones … producer
Ryan Kavanaugh … producer
Mark Lane … producer
D. Scott Lumpkin … co-producer
Trevor Macy … producer Bryan Bertino The Strangers

Relativity Media will serve as the production company with Bloom handling international sales at the European Film Market in Berlin.

According to The overview reads as follows:

The plot follows a family of four who have been evicted from their home due to the economy, and are paid a visit by the same three strangers from the first film. It is not known whether the sequel will follow a theatrical or a straight-to-DVD release. Liv Tyler will return as Kristen McKay while the original three masked villains are also set to return, however, in an interview Tyler had announced that she would only have a minor role.

Whether the information on ties with the press release remains uncertain. The Strangers 2 is in pre-production with casting now underway. Filming will take place in a yet undetermined US-based city. Principal photography begins Summer 2017.

“I am truly scared every time I think of the original The Strangers movie, it is my favorite horror film of the past 10 years. The screenplay will immediately satisfy any fan of the original and I’m confident of a growing audience for this genre around the world.”

Alex Walton, BLOOM

“The Strangers redefined the home invasion genre by perfectly combining character and terror in a way that we rarely see. This is a sequel that has been eagerly awaited and we are delighted to deliver it to the fans.”

Mark Lane, The Fyzz


“Working with The Fyzz and Bloom to bring the brilliant set-up from the first movie to a new generation and deliver a powerful sequel is incredibly exciting.”

Johannes Robert



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