Swings & roundabouts, Horror Short from Creator of Dead Town

Swings & Roundabouts Crowdfunding

Peter Mckeirnon is a UK based author writer and director. Mckeirnon is notable for his zombie-themed novel “Death in a Northern Town” and the YouTube series “Dead Town”. Now the horror visionary has set his sights on another project. Produced by Slumberjack Entertainment, “Swings and Roundabouts” is a small budgeted horror short film. An Indiegogo campaign launched to raise the funds needed to complete the film. A financial goal of £500 (roughly $727.75) stands with a deadline set for thirty days. Mckeirnon attests that the acquired funds will go towards the various aspect of the film’s development and film festival submission.

The synopsis to “Swings and Roundabouts” reads as follows:


“Eric was always the child that nobody liked. He never knew why, it was just the way things were. But now all that has changed. Suddenly everyone wants a piece of him and Eric couldn’t be happier.”

The synopsis just resonates with cryptic tonality.

According to the information provided on the Indiegogo campaign;

  • “Swings and Roundabouts” will begin production on and or around the 28th of August 2016.
  • The film will be ten minutes in length
  • Distribution aims on the film festival circuit.

Stay tuned to DecayMag.com for more information on “Swings and Roundabouts” as it develops.


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