Temple of Lilith, The. From Sodom & Chimera Productions. Key Art & Stills

Temple of Lilith, The Film Details DecayMag.com. James Quinn, Sodom & Chimera Productions, The Temple of Lilith

Director: James Quinn

Writer: James Quinn

Release Date: November 29, 2017

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Short

Running Time: 3 min

Social Networking: Facebook


After the last witch of the south became ashes, never to be remembered, the mother of darkness, Lilith, rises from the ground to harvest the fruits of deadly sin, and set an end to the holocaust of the saints, the religious pandemic that tried to enslave and ultimately annihilate her kind. Planting the seeds of the goat into her skull, she goes her way, on a quest of darkness, to open the gates of hell, become one with the lord of flies.



The Temple of Lilith, from Sodom & Chimera Productions, is now streaming. It is a companion piece to Sulphur for Leviathan, which will premiere in 2018. Written and directed by James Quinn, the short Arthouse film unveiled for an unsuspecting audience. Shot on 16MM film.

Sulphur for Leviathan

Sulphur for Leviathan revolves around a nun, who suddenly finds herself progressively fantasizing about things that shouldn’t be in her head, increasingly having to face her own doings of blasphemy, all leading up to something demonically dark and sinister. Portrayed in a surreal manner both in color and black and white, with a heavy focus on elegant cinematography, the film tells a satanic tale of unfulfilled desires, lust, blasphemy and existential dread, packed in a controversial and disturbing, but calm and poetic experience that is heavily inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky, with a touch of satanism.

The Cast

Hex Suicide – Lilith

Blade Amodio – Christianity

Justin Ewing – Baphomet

The Temple of Lilith has an intriguing plot. There is so much going on than can wrap around one’s mind. The characters are controversial. Lilith, meaning the darkness, is an interesting character. She’s known as a demon of the night who preys on babies.

Baphomet is a concept that is confusing as its perceived from different sources. Some say Baphomet’s seen in a false and negative outlook as people relate it to the occult. In its origins, Baphomet’s good.

Christianity, as most know, is a religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and is the largest religion with a massive following. Religion in Horror cinema is a well-traveled concept. One that will capture the audience for decades to come, as Religion is a controversial theme, and will always be. Differentiating morals, beliefs, and perspectives will be on-going. This drives the productions introduced by filmmakers and directors. A lot of them center on exorcism and demon possession.DecayMag.com. James Quinn, Sodom & Chimera Productions, The Temple of Lilith

Few, that I know of, travel down other paths, such as James Quinn’s tale of Lilith. Considering this, there are many figures in Religion, however, we’re accustomed to only the main figures that are widespread. Diverging into other less-traveled territories, in this central theme, is what Horror cinema needs.

The poster art and art stills for The Temple of Lilith are visceral and intriguing, which will make for an invigorating experimental short production.DecayMag.com. James Quinn, Sodom & Chimera Productions, The Temple of Lilith



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