Terror Films Expands Distribution Across VOD Platforms

Terror Films Expansion Details


Terror Films is spreading the Horror, the chills, and the fun. They are expanding their distribution reach and releasing their films across a range of new platforms. In addition to their current distribution platforms:

iTunes, Vimeo, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox Live, and Playstation, Terror Films will also release their films on new platforms, including three Roku channels, Free Flix Tonight, 24-Hour Movie Channel, and Free Grindhouse Flix Tonight, along with VOD on I Bleed Indie, and iTunes International.

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These films will include their latest collection with Antidote, Hell House LLC, The Dark Stranger, The Chosen, House of Purgatory, The House on Pine Street, goddess of Love, Patient Seven, and Landmine Goes Click.

Roku’s Free Flix Tonight, 24-Hour Movie Channel, and Free Grindhouse Flix Tonight are free streaming services offering a fine selection of movies to watch whenever you want. I Bleed Indie is Pay-Per-View streaming site that is dedicated to Indie Horror.

Terror Films is an innovative production, finance, and distribution company specializing in Horror. They have been showcasing some of the best in Horror since 2014.

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Since the rise of major platforms such as Netflix and Hulu have dominated the entertainment scene, more like-minded streaming programs have begun to jump on the bandwagon. Each platform brings it’s own distinct features to the table, but when it comes to the Horror circuit, in particular, some stand out more than others.

As fans of the Horror circuit anxiously look for new and different films to watch, they find relief in programs such as I Bleed Indie and Roku, which offers many outlets for cinema. The rise of these programs is beginning to dominate Netflix and Hulu, as they have a pretty competitive selection with Horror titles.


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