Terrordactyl, Comedy And Horror Offered In Promo Clips


Terrordactyl: Movie Clips ReleasedDecayMag,com. Don Bitters III, Geoff Reisner. Terrordactyl.

Terrordactyl Film Details

Directors: Don Bitters III, Geoff Reisner

Writer: Don Bitters III

Release Date: June 16, 2016


When a meteor shower rains down outside Los Angeles, Lars and Jonas, two friends stuck in tired, boring lives, head out to find one and strike it rich.

After recovering one, they start being stalked by Terrordactyls, ancient flying reptiles, that launch a full-on assault on the city.

They go on the run, trying to survive, where the unlikely heroes, along with Candice, a tough-and-sexy bartender, Valerie, her sultry roommate, and Sampson, a constantly drunk and sassy ex-marine, soon discover that there’s more to the meteor than meets the eye.

They must learn to put their differences aside, and fight back to make the Terrordactyls extinct once again.


Terrordactyl previously released in June of 2016. The Action, Comedy is written and directed by Don Bitters III and Geoff Reisner. The film’s premise is simple; two people stumble upon a meteor that happens to home an extinct species, Pterodactyl.

The good thing about these kinds of movies is the amount of action they usually have. In addition to them being outrageously funny. 

DecayMag.com. Don Bitters III, Geoff Reisner. Terrordactyl.The trailer plays like a Sci-Fi film. In fact, it reminds me of the kind of film you would see on Sci-Fi back in the good days when the TV station played good movies.

They were mostly cheesy movies, but they were decent. Better than what’s on SyFy nowadays.

Likewise, I feel like I’ve already seen this film before. Maybe because a film about killer Pterodactyl has already been made. Also, because movies like this usually play out very similarly as far as the plot goes.

Terrordactyl released in June of 2016. It is available for sale on Amazon. For more information, visit:



Terrordactyl Clips

Clip: Something’s Not Right

Clip: Space Rock

Clip: Traffic

Clip: What Are Those?


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