“The Exorcist” sold, remake rights retained..

Recently, Morgan Creek Productions hired Houlihan Lokey an investment banking group to sell domestic rights to its library of films.  As part of the sale Morgan Creek would retain TV rights as well as remake rights for five titles. While the others movie titles offer no interest to the genre of focus for this publication, one film does inparticular and that is “The Exorcist”. Morgan Creek will have to pay a percentage of the gross profit to whomever the new owner(s) / buyer(s) of the film library.  

Morgan Creek CEO Jim Robinson had this to say on the company’s move on selling the movie of its movie library. Jim Robinson told Deadline:

“I’m selling the library strictly for economic reasons, It will go back into the company to fund more production. We have a number of properties that we are looking to move forward on.”

Here’s where “The Exorcist” rumors begin..

When asked by Deadline to elaborate if comedy films, “Major League” and “Ace Ventura” were being considered for a remake, Morgan Creek CEO Jim Robinson replied:

“…ideas are being tossed right now for both those and “The Exorcist”.

Is the statement a definitive admittance that a remake to the timeless Horror classic, “The Exorcist” is in the works? The answer is; no. Yet that hasn’t stopped the rumor from spreading like wildfire. Once “The Exorcist” remake news had emerged it wasn’t long before “The Exorcist” director William Friedkin weighed in with his opinion via Twitter. (see attachment below).

“The Exorcist” released in 1973 became one of the most iconic films in Horror Cinema. “The Exorcist” franchise however didn’t fair so well, the number of sequels and prequels exhausted the intricately crafted psychological premise of the original. Poor reception among critics and fans, less than satisfactory box office sales and computer generated effects with poor development are the case with recent Horror film reboots, rehash or remakes. The very notion that a modern translation to “The Exorcist” being better and/or on par to the original is a travesty.


Update: 29th of September 2015

Morgan Creek issued a statement via their Twitter account reassuring Horror fans that the company had no intention of remaking “The Exorcist.” The person to receive the good news was “ The Exorcist” director William Friedkin. (See Below)


Source: Deadline


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