The Harvesters, Indie Horror Mystery Develops

“The Harvesters” is the latest endeavor from Oklahoma based indie filmmaker Nick Sanford. Written and directed by Nick Sanford the film is a Horror, Mystery, Thriller and will film locally in the sate of Oklahoma. Currently on the pre-production stages, “The Harvesters” is being marketed as:

“..a haunting mystery unlike any other, utilizing old-fashioned filmmaking techniques and pushing them in a bold and exciting new direction.”

The synopsis to the indie horror film “The Harvesters” reads:

On Halloween in Baileyville, Oklahoma, a journalist who prides herself on objective reporting discovers that she is trapped in the middle of a series of horrifying murders and disappearances. When the terror intensifies and a countdown begins, the people closest to Jane are put in danger and her journalistic stance on “not becoming the story” is put to the ultimate test. "The Harvesters"

Presently, (as of the time of this published article) details are scarce on both “The Harvesters” website and Facebook page. However, Broadcast Pictures has furnished a teaser trailer as well the image (seen left) to the film.

On January 18th 2016 “The Harvesters” Producers; Laurie Cummings Paul Lister,  James Oster and Nick Sanford will launch a crowdfunding campaign. Seeking the public for financial support is the established norm for most within independently circuit. Financial goals are often achieved with contributions and enable advertising, production and/or distribution of the medium. How and where the funds will be applied as well as reward incentives will most likely be announced on the “The Harvesters” crowdfunding page.

If you’re a fan of Nick Sanford’s work or are intrigued by his latest project, you’d want to stay tuned to for more information. We’ll be providing updates to the film as it develops. You can also access the film’s progress via the social networking links provided below.


“The Harvesters” Social Network

Official Facebook
Official Twitter



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