The House of Screaming Death a Horror Anthology

The House of Screaming Death
 trailer was released on Youtube on Halloween. The film, produced and financed independently is a horror anthology that features a group of award-winning filmmakers. The supernatural driven story centers on four characters, each harboring a horrifying segment that interconnects with a mysterious host called The Architect. News of “The House of Screaming Death” first circulated with the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo. The campaign which is presently closed garnered sixty-eight backers and raised close to three thousand dollars short of its twelve thousand dollar figure goal. The objective for “The House of Screaming Death”  project was to;

“…to make a feature length horror film that pays homage to the classics and then promote it across the globe in as many festivals as humanly (and in-humanly) possible.” The House of Screaming Death

The collective works featured in “The House of Screaming Death” are:

  • “The Lady in Grey” written and directed by author and special make-up and effects artist Troy Dennison.
  • “The Witch in the Mirror” directed by Rebecca Harris-Smith based off the script written by Mark Lees.
  • “The Vampyre” written and directoed by Dave Hastings.
  • “The Diabolique” directed by special make-up and effects artist Alex Bourne.
  • Segments of the host from the mysterious Architect, character is directed by award winning film maker Kaush Patel.


As of the time of this writing the horror anthology film, “The House of Screaming Death” is moving towards foreseeable goals. In anticipation of its release a very compelling trailer for “The House of Screaming Death” was revealed, which you can view below. This is one horror film to look forward to, simply for the ambition of the cast and crew in bringing the project to life. No official word yet on a general public release date for “The House of Screaming Death”or the inclusion within any prominent horror film festivals.

What is your opinion on the upcoming Horror anthology film, “The House of Screaming Death”? Share your thought using the comments fields below.


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