“The Mummy” Will be a Woman..

“The Mummy” will be getting a reboot and complete redevelopment. With the recent reboots being dished out by Hollywood it comes to no surprise that Universal would remake one of the oldest franchises they own the rights, the classic movie monster “The Mummy”.  Instead of rebooting the age old franchise Universal is planning to completely change the concept by converting the titular character to a woman, with her very own original backstory.

The director Alex Kurtzman and writer Jon Spaights to the “The Mummy” reboot have revealed that they are redeveloping the character by making her a woman. According to The Hollywood Reporter the duo came to the conclusion that the decision will help market the film for modern audiences. However, the new concept for “The Mummy” reboot is not solidified as development with casting and production slots have yet to be filled.

The titular character in both the 1932 original and the 1999 reboot to “The Mummy” were portrayed as males. The gender of  the “The Mummy” is not important, the success of the overall film is the primary concern for the movie studio. Universal has plans to create a multi-film trilogy based on the classic monster movie franchises starting with “The Mummy” reboot. If “The Mummy” reboot fails to garner interest from audience and critics it will sabotage the overall plans of a multi-franchise.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter




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