“The Purge 3” begins filming…

Filming began last week, Wednesday in the town of Woonsocket, New England for “The Purge 3”, the next installment of the micro-budget survival horror franchise. Mayor Lisa Baldelli Hunt release some intriguing news on the backdrop to the upcoming Universal / Blumhouse film. In an interview with ABC6 Mayor Lisa Baldelli Hunt is quoted in saying:

“Purge 3 is set in Washington DC, so film crews have been making small changes around the city to make Woonsocket feel more like the nation’s capital.

The comment provides a glimpse on an otherwise tight-lipped synopsis of the film production.

“The Purge 3” new cast added…


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The filming comes on the heels of an exclusive report released by deadline on the “The Purge 3” film production.  Betty Gabriel, Edwin Hodge, Kyle Secor, JJ Soria, Mykelti Williamson and Elizabeth Mitchell have signed on to joined the  cast of “The Purge 3”. No character descriptions have been announced for the newly inducted cast as further information remains relatively scarce. Frank Grillo is set to return to reprise his role as “Sergeant” from the second entry of the series: “The Purge: Anarchy”.   Writer-director James DeMonaco is also slated to return for the third chapter of the franchise.

Fans of “The Purge” franchise are eagerly awaiting the release to the third installment. The first two entries of “The Purge” franchise had a micro-budget of $12 million and together grossed combined earnings of $200 million worldwide. “The Purge: Anarchy” made $110 million gross earnings worldwide surpassing figures of the original film. 

The premise of “The Purge” centers on the notion that in the near future the American government has designated a 12 hour period once a year to allow violent crime to be completely legal. However, there’s a sinister plan behind the sanctioned mayhem. 

 “The Purge 3” is slated for a tentative summer 2016 release date. 



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