“The Skin” Film Details

“The Skin” 

Release Date: Currently in Film Festival circulation

Release: TBA

MPAA Rating: R

Horror Sub-genre: Paranormal

Synopsis: After the peculiar death of her father, Lena Hardesty discovers that her sister, Sarah, has acquired the same strange symptoms. With the help of a rustic local, Lena sets a plan in motion to save her sister and herself from the same fate.


“The Skin” is the directorial debut of Justin Timms and is written in a collaboratively between Justin Timms and Patrick Solomon. The feature runs under twelve minutes in length and although it lacks more depth into the overall plot, the production, acting and concept elevates the film to suburb standards. The film centers on sisters; Lena Hardesty (portrayed by Claudine Quadrat) and Sarah Hardesty (portrayed by Elizabeth Paige) who embark on a trip to their family’s cabin. The trip is a coping mechanism follows the mysterious and tragic death of her father. However, Sarah is showing signs of the condition her father ha succumbed to and Lena is well aware of the impending danger. Their trip takes a turn of events when their car breaks down and  a rough local named Otis (portrayed by Martin Pfefferkorn) happends upon them. 


Firstly, the cast exhibited a polished and impressive portrayal of their individual roles. Absent were any hints of amateurish acting and unemotional interpretations, a huge relief considering the negative aspects of acting  prevalent in some indie film productions. The direction and technical approach to the film “The Skin” were of professional quality and being it was a directorial debut it lacks nothing but high standard.

“The Skin”begins with what is believed to be a typical road-trip-gone-awry story line but the plot undertakes a change that takes the film into an entirely different level.  The twist is refreshing and is a strong highlight to the overall production.

Also, the atmospherics presented in “The Skin” garners suspense and a sense of eeriness that instantly captures the attention from the audience.


“The Skin” running time is under twelve minutes and lack the benefit presenting a in depth portrayal of the plot. Many short films have conveyed the overall concept within shorter amounts of time, but “The Skin” falls short.  The plot could have been reinforced with some backstory reflection. Although it seems like a cliched approach but consideration could’ve been given to clarity the story with flashbacks or montage of medical reports.

Final Verdict:

“The Skin” is a superb production with professional level acting and impressive technical aspects. Although the plot wasn’t in depth, the overall concept delivery  was intriguing and merits acclaim. The third scene was climatic and unexpected with the sudden ending garnering interest for an immediate sequel.  “The Skin” is a must see feature.


On a side note: Decaymag.com extends its appreciation to “The Skin” co-Writer and Director Justin Timms for proving us exclusive access to the film, “The Skin” and allowing us the opportunity to conduct this review.


Rating Criteria:

  • 0-10 Avoid
  • 11-20- Mediocre
  • 21-30 -Good
  • 31-40 – Average
  • 41-50- Decent
  • 51-60 – Stunning
  • 71-80 – Must See
  • 81-90 – Amazing
  • 91-100 – Impressive


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